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The New York Times: Footsteps * Book Review *

To start off my Summer Reading List I have been making for myself, I wanted to tell you about this new book I have been reading.

The New York Times: Footsteps is a small collection of short geographical essays telling stories about different places in the world. A literary footstep-ing across the world. This book is based on a New York Times travel column, Footsteps and gives you insight to the locational muses of some of the world's famous writers.
It was a very well put together collection, and each story is written by someone who is walking the footsteps of a famous author. The essays are enticing with a bit of whimsical charm and some even hold a surprise or change-up. Each writer also contained their own writing style. Some were easy for me to get into while others I had to really focus to see the stories between the lines. But all were very fascinating and took me to another place where I could really imagine the life there and see why those famous writers let their imaginat…