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Rad Women Worldwide! Review

I think, for being a girl, the biggest motivation and inspiration comes from reading about other women who changed the world and make a major impact in how we live and how things are done today. It seems we often hear about the men who have made history, but what about us girls?!? 

I recently read the book, Rad Women Worldwide, by Kate Schatz, illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, and was inspired by all the stories about women in sports, medicine, science, along with the pirates, punks and revolutionaries. 

There are some remarkable women out there who have done equally amazing things and this book is full of them.

From the look and design of the book, to the stories inside, it is a very visually attractive with a modern focus on women. 

I really love the bright colors and fun presentation of this book. It is like a fun trip in history. Each story is well researched and engaging and inspiring. The content of it covers from 430 B.C. to the year 2016 in 31 countries across the world. (See map…