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Free Streaming For Family Movie Night!

Lately it seems like people are so busy or so technologically focused that they forget that personal interaction is a big part of your total well-being. When it comes to your family and parenting, we have really slacked off on the bonding time by opting instead to hand them a mobile device and leave them to find entertainment through a device while you do the same. I myself have done this many times. 

Right now, my main focus is to get us back on track and find a while to utilize technology but also bring back that personal interaction time and family bonding time. One way to do this is to schedule regular Family Movie Nights! 

On the subject of Family Movie Night, I found another website, that offers FREE streaming of Family Movies and they actually have a pretty large sized library of titles in many genres, especially family and child-friendly movies. 

This website has sooo many movies to watch with family
Now I know what you are thinking. 
This site probably just has only those old classics or b-rated movies that aren't really worth watching. 
But you're Wrong! 
It does have older movies and some that may be considered b-rated, but it also contains a whole bunch of newer, popular titles like My Little Pony, The Jungle Book 2017, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and Pete's Dragon as well as TV shows including Tangled: The Series, Little Big Shots, Girl Meets World, Fuller House, Switched At Birth, Heartland and more. And they are Free to stream and watch with your family! Score!

Everyone loves movies and it is even better with friends and family. You have to have someone to share the laughs, hold onto when it gets sad or scary and to relive the best moments with. 
Lately, even kid friendly movies have been better at reaching not only the children but also with content that attract even the average adult's attention and spark enjoyment. 

One thing our family does do well, is our family movie nights. 
We go all out. We throw blankets and pillows down, gather up juice and snacks and popcorn, and even our favorite stuffed animals and all hunker down and watch the movie together. All Devices are supposed to be Turned Off or Put Away. 

I am not saying that our family movies go smoothly and that we sit there, not moving, the whole time. I have 3 kids ages 2, 6 and 11. There are plenty of times when they will get up and start messing around or someone has spilled something or someone is taking up too much space. But if the movie is entertaining enough, those moments are sparse. I do admit it and may happen to check my phone a few times and capture pictures of the kids for social media, but my main focus is my kids and the movie. 

It has been a challenging road to accomplish these almost tech-free moments with my family. I never realized how engrossing and overpowering technology can be. But now with this website, I definitely have a good list of movies for our next family movie nights. Ant the kids can't wait to watch all these. 

When it comes to family movies, the genre has been around for ages. It was created to attract children as well as adults to go to the movies and that way, reach more people and more people would go to the movies. One of the first family movies was Mary Poppins. Now I'll bet you a spoonful of sugar that you know who Mary Poppins is. But do your kids? My children love that movie. It was fun, and creative and inspiring and really put an emphasis on the importance of family connection and spending time with each other. When Mary left, each member of that family was changed, for the better. It contained music and dancing, colorful imagery and just was such a classic. 

Walt Disney was also another big player in the family movie genre with his masterpieces. I, myself, grew up watching his movies with my own family. My favorites were the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and the Beauty and the Beast. 

Then the whole family movie genre started turning. It wasn't just cartoons and children's movies but adventures and book-based movies and comic-based movies and more. Now family movies is part of a huge genre with many different sub-genres. Which brings me back to the website I was talking about. 

Now you and I both know how expensive it is to actually "Go To The Movies" and for me and my family of 5, it is about $100 with tickets, drinks, popcorn and candy. That is money we don't always have to spend. So I am always looking for cheaper alternatives and I Love Free! 

Click Here For More Info:

So get to planning your next family movie night. Don't forget the popcorn and Don't forget to share this with your friends too! :)

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