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When We Last Spoke...

I recently got to read When We Last Spoke, a book by Marci Henna, and I loved it for many reasons. When We Last Spoke is the story of Juliet and Evangeline Cranbourne, who when young, was left at their grandparent's porch by their mom. Their father was away at war and their mother swapped out motherhood for the big city and freedom. It starts out when they are older and goes back to when they were children. The sisters are relatable and have their differences and are not as close as they once were. Set in the South, there are lots of humorous characters and quirks and Southern representation. This book is something I can cuddle up to and travel with to another place and time. The characters are full bodied and relatable. The story seems real and is something you can lose yourself in. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was heartwarming and entertaining and wasn't something that was far fetched and unrealistic. Not only were the characters relatable, so we're there…

Guitar Center Buffalo! Just Pick It!

Where do you go for your guitars and accessories?  Well you should be going to Guitar Center Buffalo and here's why. 

Not only do they have a wide selection of guitars, in vintage, platinum and used options in acoustic and electric. But they also have amps, basses and keyboards. 

What's really cool is that they also offer rentals, repairs, lessons and workshops. 

So if you've always dreamed of ripping it like Slash, but just don't know how to start, check out Guitar Center Buffalo and they'll get you on your way. 

Their used inventory also contains drums and percussion, ukuleles, and other instruments. 

It's like a one stop shop. So check it out now and get in on their current deals.

Let it rip! ;)guitar center buffalo