Frugal and FUN Family Ideas...

Lately it seems things are getting more expensive. So to have fun with our families, we have to get creative, utilize local resources, and make our own fun on our budgets. Below are some fun ideas to have a little free or cheap fun. With Spring Break and Summer Break coming, get some ideas ready for your active kids....

* Join classes, clubs, etc at your local college, library, community or recreation center, or with your children's schools or start one of your own.

* Volunteer. Not only is it beneficial to the community,  it can be fun for you and your children as well. Ideas for volunteering: soup kitchens, nursing homes, cleaning up parks, local events, etc

* Get to know your local town and surrounding areas.  Visit a visitor's center and explore it like you were a tourist. Visit a museum, ask for tours.

* Get outdoors. Go for a hike, nature walk or bike ride.

* Have fun at home. Have a cooking day and let your kids help. Make a mess. Finish a DIY project. Make playdough or slime. Do arts and crafts. Make a fort. Create your own game. Put on a talent show. Have a movie/game night. The ideas are endless...

* Join the YMCA/Local gym or family fun/fitness center.

* Go to the theatre. See a play. Audition for a play.

* Go to a park or the beach. Play frisbee, fly a kite, run and jump and play like a kid. Have a picnic.

* Make up a home made movie. Plan it, assign roles, act it out and watch the final cut.

* Look at the family photo albums, or watch old videos of your family.

* Make a bucket list. You and your kids. You can even cut pictures out of magazines to make a picture bucket list.

* Go on a treasure/scavenger hunt. Think of things you might find, or things you'd like to find around town.

These will definitely give you a few things to do while on Spring or Summer Break. And most of them are cheap or free. So do one, or do them all.

Can you think of more activities? Let me know what you can think of in the comments below.

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