Beatles Mania! Tune In and Read This!

My mother and mother in law are Huge Beatles fans! 

I recently had the chance to read Tune In: The Beatles - All These Years Volume 1.
I was excited to read this and learn more about them. I can honestly say that I am a fan of their music and was always intrigued by the way they captivated the hearts of so many all over the world. They really were icons in music, fashion and more. 

This is a pretty thick book, being over 900 pages long, but it really is easy to read quickly. 

But with it being so thick, I was actually surprised to see it was only the 1st book in a trilogy about them and their music and take-over! There's so many books and medias about them. What could I possibly learn from this that I didn't learn anywhere else, but I swear I did a lot more than from any other source. 

This book looks at them, not only as the Beatles, but more behind the fame. There's more information here about their personal lives and families and how they became the fab 4 than any other book I have seen! It was very insightful and enlightening. After reading this, it is almost like I know them personally. I cannot wait to read the next 2 installments. 

I really liked how it also discussed the other people that helped bring the Beatles to life, the people behind the scenes that also had an influence on them and their fame. But really enjoyed seeing the famous quad in a more 3 dimension, so to speak. Not only are they those guys that sang those songs that women screamed and swooned over. They were real people with thoughts and personalities and desires and fears. 

I guarantee,  you may not find a northern book that is so detailed in chronology. With almost 1,000 pages, it is full of background information and the good stuff. I definitely finally feel like a well-rounded newbie Beatles fan, but informed and excited to finish their story in the next 2 books. 
I could not imagine reading a 1,000 pages, but I almost could not put it down. 

You can find this book at Barne's and Noble or HERE ON AMAZON!

I did receive a free copy, but the opinions here are my own.

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