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Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Unlock The Weird

Look out freak show lovers! 
I just got the new Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Unlock The Weird and you're gonna wanna check this out!

I LOVE these books! This is the 2016 edition of the series and I am super ecstatic! 

The eyes on the front are little holograms too and so freaking cool. Love the bright design and coloring of the cover. Definitely stands out and gets your attention and screams, "READ ME!"

And there really is sooo much cool stuff inside. 
My family and I are Huge Ripley's fans. Seriously. We also make it a ritual to visit the museum in Newport, Oregon at least 1x every year, or more. We are big fans of the strange, peculiar, weird and crazy. And this book satisfies our cravings!
I had this on my wishlist but I actually got to review this one for free, in exchange for my opinions and assistance with promotion and it is just as AWESOME as I'd hoped. 

I sat down with this by myself but pretty soon I was shouting about how cool and crazy some of this stuff was, to my husband and kids
 Then we literally spent the rest of the day reading this and talking about everything in it. We had so much fun because it's literally out of this world, full of just insane stuff in here. 

I have gotten one of these books every year for the last couple years for myself as well as for my kids! It is so fun looking at all the pictures and reading all the stories. How wacky is some of this stuff right?!?

This book does not lack in any way either. Plus, each story, though extremely incredible or deranged and shocking, is 100% true. Now that's amazing. I'd love to have their job and chase down all these people and awesome Weird stuff.

Inside the book are pages upon pages of stories, articles, tidbits, and pictures of seriously amazing and frightening and wonderful and fun and kooky things. Pretty much anything you could imagine or not, is in here.

Super Fun for kids AND adults! 
Great Christmas gift idea...!!! 

You can order yours HERE

OR on Amazon HERE!

Warning: Some of the content may not be suitable for small children or easily grossed/weirded out people. There's no nudity or anything super bad in here but it does cause questions to be asked and some pictures may scare easily nervous kiddos. But if that's your thang, like it is ours, let your freak flag fly! ;)

I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my review and promotion efforts, but the experience and opinions above are my own. 

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