Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal - Book Review

It's been a long time since the Ghostbusters were a trending topic in society, but they are back full force but with some changes!
In stead of the original cast including Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and the others, this time the Ghostbusters are women! Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are wonderful actresses and super funny and totally fit the personas in this book!

I haven't seen the new movie yet but that doesn't matter. This book will give you insight into the characters, the science and history behind it as well as how to become your own Ghostbuster, with a side of humor!

Right from the start, from reading the New Foreword and Introduction, which at first made me skeptical of what I was about to read, you can see that this book is serious about not being too serious. This is not your typical scientific textbook. It could be like a textbook with lots of information, and tips, but it is written differently and so that even the less scholared person could understand it.

Ghost From Our Past is a quick read. Seriously. I literally read the whole book this weekend while on a trip to my family's house. It was a 7 hour drive, each way, with stops for food and gas and leg stretching with my husband and 3 kids. I read the book about a quarter of the way there and 75% of the way back and finished it. I couldn't put it down.

One thing you should know is that this book is written in perspective of the two leading women of the new Ghostbusters movie, and sometimes it seems if they refer to themselves in third person but not in a weird way, as it fits humorously.

Erin Gilbert and Abby L. Yates are the needy ghost-loving girls at their school who, by chance find each other and set off on this journey to find the truth and prove existence, through science, of paranormal entities, including ghosts, phantoms, demons and more. Andrew Shaffer is amazing. This doesn't seem like fiction. It is well written and feels real. A lot of the information, especiallythe history of the people could be mostly true, I will have to do my own research, and the devices and equipment is familiar and most are used by actual paranormal investigators. But I do think the device to trap a ghost is still a little our of our current capabilities, but still awesome. There are places listed that have been known to be haunted too. So the first half, the history and background of the history of paranormal research and interest is a legitimate overview of the spooky interest of the real world since the beginning.

The way it is written is very humorous, with little side notes about the people or snarky remarks on the people and topics.
It's funny. I literally Laughed Out Loud, many times. Sometimes causing awkward glances from my kids and husband, that would render the need for explanation. We were all in stiches.

And they sound like your typical ghost geek gals, but super smart. I definitely feel like I can relate to them too. Ever since I was little, I have had a huge fascination and interest in the paranormal. My mom would often call me weird or hide my books on ghosts and try to sway me from it. But my interest has just increased. I can't explain my deep interest, even though the idea of being haunted scares me, it would be so cool to become a ghost hunter or Ghostbuster! I just don't think I have the brain for all that math.

They even showed off their equation for the Spectral Field Theory, and it filled the page. I tried to understand it, but it went over my head. I'll just stick to the research and the exploration and find some one else to do that hard work.

I do have to say, that for anyone who has not heard of either Ghostbusters movies, or does not know that these people are fictional characters, this book could feel very real to them. With all the classifications, theories, scientific language and equations, as well as the history combined with their personal accounts and clarifications, it could read like a real accounting of real ghost busting paranormal investigators. Which is why I love it so much. Those who love to read, read because we dive into a book and if the book is well written, then the people, places, situations, etc, become real to us. Without knowing that this is a fiction book, this book sounds real, authentic and informative.

It even includes a glossary, bibliography for future research, pages for you to write your own notes and sample forms you can use on your own Ghostbuster busting journey. It is definitely like a real field book. Plus the outside cover designs make it look really cool because it mixes the modern with the worn journal look.

So I definitely give this book, Two Thumbs Way Up! I could not put it down and when I had to, I tried to do what I could to find time to pick it back up. I have even been using it as a guide for further research. I loved it. And now I really can't wait to see the movie.

You can find this book, and I suggest you do, on any of the sites below. It is definitely worth it. You won't be able to put it down.
Plus it would be a great gift for the Ghostbusters lover, old and young! And a good gift for the paranormal, "ghost girl" geek in your life!

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I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for the purpose of this review, but all of the opinions and experiences here are my own.

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