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Spice up Your Night with this Set of 5 FreshJax Gourmet Handcrafted Spices!

I recently got to try this awesome 5 Bottle Set of FreshJax Gourmet Handcrafted Spices as part of a product trial and I honestly loved them. First off, each of these bottles smell amazing. I literally sat at my kitchen table smelling these bottles.

Ok so the 5 bottles came in a box, wrapped in packing paper and looked so nice. They are still deciding on how how to package them but I did like the box and it was simple yet nice looking. I was told by seller that these bottles are meant to be samplers within a gift set, but they really will last a good time since they are of good size and full and a little bit goes a long way.

Plus, what's really cool is that the ingredients are all organic and are low sodium in an effort to be healthier. These spices contain little salt if any at all, so if you are a salt lover like me, you're going to have to add it yourself. Other than that, these spices are awesome! They made these in an effort to make healthier but just as tasty spices! I lo…

The New Punderdome Game is a PUN of Fun! LOL

Punderdome is a super fun and challenging game that will leave all its players in stitches! Plus it comes in this little box that's easy to take anywhere with lots of fun colors, drawings and info on it. Definitely visually appealing. 

What's really cool is that this game started as a monthly pun competition called Punderdome 3000, in Brooklyn by Fred and Jo Firestone, a father and daughter team, since 2011. Then in 2015 it was made into a game you can now play in your own home or wherever. 

So if you don't know, a "Pun" is a play on words, a joke where you say one word but mean it as another word. 

Just look at the pic below, even the reviews are pun-ny!

Topic (White card): Furniture 
Situation (Green card): Exercising 
Pun: "Come on in here, pull-up a chair"

Another Example:
Topic: Light fixtures 
Situations: Dying
Pun: "Even though it's scary and people die in it, my favorite movie is silence of the Lamps"

These two examples are also liste…

Enjoy the Outdoors with Egoz!

Camping and being outdoors is a summer must. But you gotta have good equipment to do so. That's why I Love this Peanut By EGOZ Warm, Lightweight Adult Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Sports, Camping, and Hiking With Carry Bag. It comes in 2 colors: Blue and Army Green. I chose the Army Green to try. 

This Egoz Tactical 3 season sleeping bag is Temp. rated to keep you warm up +30ºF to +40ºF, 180cm long, 30cm top and 75cm wide and made of 100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton. Plus it only weighs 3.1 pounds when all rolled up to carry it. Very lightweight. 

Besides being my fave color, which is perfect for the outdoors, I really liked the design of this. The shape with the rounded area by the head with the inch lip that stands up from the bottom is perfect to keep your pillow in place and protect your head to keep it warm. Plus it can fit a person up to the height of 6'6". I am only about 5'1" so I have no problems fitting in it. 

I loved how the zipper went all the way down …

We Love Washi Tape from United Tapes! Decorate, Scrapbook, Craft!

Ok so I've heard about Washi tape for a while but never really saw the big deal behind it. I'm behind on times I guess. 
But now I am in love. 

I recently ordered Washi Tape from United Tapes on Amazon and now I see why there's a huge fuss about this stuff!

This box had 12 tapes in it. Each tape had a really good amount of tape on each roll so they will definitely last a while. They were thin and narrow, but not too thin or hard to work with. If I unrolled it and let go of the end, it would curl up but I had no problems with it sticking together and 4 out of 5 times that I did that yesterday, it actually let me unroll it and use it with no issues. The tape is pretty sticky, so it has no problems not sticking to different surfaces, but it's pretty nice because if you mess up, you can easily removed it to fix it, as I did a few times.

I seriously have found a new passion: finding as many things as I can to tape up with these pretty stylish tapes. I love all of the designs, e…

Time to Come Clean! Learn about a Healthy Baby Home Party and its sponsors Seventh Generation and Friends

I recently got approved, again, to host another Healthy Baby Home Party with the Seventh Generation Community!

I am sooo excited.

Why? Because I love throwing parties and sharing new things with friends and family, but I also really love the mission behind Seventh Generation and their partners.

I am a mom of 3 and am very protective of my children. But when I joined the community and learned what all I was introducing to my children on a daily basis, I was shocked and horrified. And now I am making a stand to make a difference with Seventh Generation!

Since joining the community, I have become more aware of the products around me and their ingredients, and a lot more choosy of what I buy for and use around my family. Why should I have to sacrifice our health for quality and effectiveness? Now I don't have too. I also get to help share and promote new products and post about the importance of clean living!

Read on to find out how to join!

What is Seventh Generation?

Seventh Generati…

Ravensburger Science Smartscope Kit - Super Fun!

This Smartscope microscope is AWESOME! 

You can find it on HERE on Amazon
OR on the Ravensburger website HERE

It includes Everything you need except it needs 3 AAA batteries that are not included to make the light work on the bright green piece.
I have 3 curious and busy kids. So when I set this up, I asked them to find stuff to try it out with. We found a mini m&m, a toothpick, a leaf, a piece of foam, water and more. The kids, who usually don't have much of an attention span, sat for at least an hour or so looking at different stuff with this. They learned so much and had a blast.

It's so cool because you use your phone or tablet's camera and you can see the images so clearly. You can easily adjust the height to focus, and it's just like a real microscope but different. My kids loved the poster and ha…