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Be Wrinkle Free Happy!

Ironing is so last decade! Seriously. 

Now there is an even better way to get Wrinkle free clothes and it's so easy to use. 
I'm talking a magic formula that comes in a spray bottle. 
Have you heard of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus?!?

I just got a whole box full of goodies, including 3 small travel size sample bottles of Downy Wrinkle Releaser! I also got a free t-shirt and coupons! 

I have used Downy products for years in my laundry, but there's always that time when you want to wear a shirt or a dress and it just happens to be wrinkled and you don't have time to iron, or maybe you just don't want to go through the hassle. I hate ironing too.

How does it work? You literally just spray the shirt, tug and smooth it out, and done! It really works great and smells good too! 

It doesn't leave your clothes greasy or sticky feeling and so far I've tried it on cotton, silk, chiffon, etc and haven't seen any stains or discolorations or grea…

BatDad the Book! A Fun Parenting Parody

I am sure you have seen at least one picture or video somewhere on social media, of the dad in a cheap batman mask, in some situation with his kids in the background. Well that is Batdad. The man who is breaking the Internet with hilarious, everyday pics of his family and himself, Batdad. The videos are even funnier. My husband and kids have seen a lot of pics and videos and crack up. Then my husband and son try to do their own, and I can't tell you how many times a Batman mask has popped up and scared me. Boys! Lol.

Well now you can own the book, Batdad: A Parody

So, I was really excited for this book after seeing Batdad all over the internet. I wasn't sure what the book would include, but I was sure there would be more funny pics. The book was fun and had a few more pics that I hadn't seen before as well as some I have, but there's not much to it so it was a quick read and look through.

Basically, most of the situations of these pics are relatable and the captions ar…

Initiate Project Summer-Home-School!

So, summer is awesome right? Well, maybe for the kids. But for us parents, especially us stay at home moms, it can be a real test of patience and parenting skills.
So, before I lose my hair from pulling it out, I wanted to initiate Project Summer-Home-School.

This summer I am prepared! My son is 11, and will be in the 5th grade next year and my oldest daughter is 5, and will be in Kindergarten! Her new school and her old preschool, gave us some activities to work on over the summer as well as some school supplies and a few books to read. Which was awesome. Her pre-kindergarten kit had 3 packets, one for June, July, and August, filled with activities. Plus I have my own craft cupboard full of stuff and there are so many ideas on the internet.
We are so ready for this!

I also have a 1 year old daughter, who I'd love to start working with to teach her colors, shapes, and to develop her speech, etc!

I will try document my efforts as much as possible this summer. I will share our proje…

It's Potty Time! Team up with Kandoo to kick off potty training season!

Summer is potty training season, and Kandoo is here to help in a HUGE way!  
And you are in luck because Kandoo sells a Potty Time Pack in their online store for only $20!
Trust me, this potty pack is AWESOME!

It comes in this fun, brightly colored box and it contains everything you need to start the potty training process! Seriously.
Their potty time pack has items you can use at home and on the go. I got lots of flushable wipes, including a "on the go" pack, a big pack of 3 refills, and a wipe container, with more flushable wipes inside it already, to set on the back of your toilet with 2 cute stickers to put on it. This is great because kids can learn to wipe themselves as well as clean their bums effectively.

I also got a full container of hand soap that comes out as a scentalicious, purple foam that is fun for kids to use.

I got coupons, a growth chart, codes for FREE potty training songs, fun for kids and helpful too, and little pamphlets of info and links. Plus, as a …

Buttons Diapers Wet Bag Review!

I love this Wet Diaper Bag!

I've always wanted something like this for diapers or wet swimsuits! Usually I bring along a plastic bag from Safeway or walmart. They usually have holes in them, but I have an abundance. They also don't hold in the smell of wet clothes, and if they have holes, the moisture leaks out. Not very good if you ask me.

But that's why I love these so much. They were made for holding wet, dirty diapers, but can be used for dirty clothes,  wet swimsuits, etc!

I love the silky soft fabric and how it keeps the moisture on the inside and doesn't start smelling, even after a warm sunny day. I have the medium one and it fit my 2 girl's swimsuits and sons swimming shorts and my bikini after a day at the beach! Plus I use it for cloth diapers, wet clothes after accidents, and more.

The design is sleek and simple yet completely useful. They handle loop is great. I can attach to diaper bag and stroller easily because of the snap button on the loop. The…

I ♡ FREE SH**! And Other Shirts from IHeartTees

*WARNING* Naughty Language! Haha!
But as a freebie lover and reviewer, I LOVE this #ilovefreeshit shirt! I went with the black one, even though I could have chosen my favorite color, green. The black was more toned down and casual and makes the lettering and colors stand out more!

I have to say, the phrase is really what caught my eye, as it would most people. But that's also what attracts us to fashion in the first place, what catches our eyes and our attention.

It was soft and really comfy and fit me perfectly. It didn't fade or shrink much at all after washing. I washed inside out to protect the graphics though and make it last longer.

I was actually surprised, when checking out the website, just how many shirts options they have. They really do have a HUGE assortment of others shirt designs and styles to choose from in a variety of themes and occasions! Adult content shirts, funny shirts, shirts for holidays and events,etc.

You can get a general t-shirt, a tank, a baby …

Expand Your Horizons with an Expandable Water Hose!

Awesome Expandable Hose and 8 Setting Nozzle with Water Shut-off Valve! Works Surprisingly Great! Love the handle and nozzle settings! 

I was weary of trying this because I have heard of other ones that weren't great or broke or exploded easily. I have had NO issues with this one. Honestly. It's innovative and well made. 
It came in the box wrapped up and contained with a rubber band. It also came with a hand nozzle that had 8 settings and a plastic thing on which you could hang up the hose on, which was nice to include.  

Like I said, I was weary of using this but when I hooked it up, and tried it and over the last couple days, several times and sometimes for lengthy periods of time. I've had no problem.  I really liked that nozzle because it was sooo easy to use and had a really comfy grip and it was easy to turn the dial and switch the settings which range from a centered full flow to a wide spread light shower flow and everything in between. 

But this is a hose that yo…

EMOJI CHARMS for Parties!

So you know how when you go to a party or a BBQ or whatever and you can never really keep track of who's glass is who's? I always have this problem. And once when I was ypunger, I mistook my sparkling cider for my dad's beer. Yuck! Haha.  So instead of drinking whatever you find in whichever glass you pick up, I have the coolest solution for you! Check these out!

I Seriously love these #emojicharms I just got! I'm already having a blast and so are my 3 kids.

These are soooo Perfect for parties, bbqs and get togethers!  They are small but really pretty durable and they easily suction to your glass or wine glass or beer mug! Just press against your cup and voila!

Each person can choose their own and never lose track of which glass is theirs! There are 12 different emojis and they look so cool. There are funny faces, sad faces, a nerd one, etc!

Or you can just use them to decorate your glass, or like my kids, decorate the window or fridge! Haha. This is so unique and su…

PriMiracle Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Ok so I love my long, long hair and I am always looking for new hair care products to take care of it. Lately there has been an influx of new hair care products that are better for your hair. These products are better because they don't have all the added toxins in them. Below are two products I definitelyrecommend!

PriMiracle Shampoo is is a Restorative Moisturizing Shampoo that I got to try recently. I love this shampoo! Free from sulphates, parabens and harmful chemicals!

The scent reminded me at first of Vick's Vapor rub or icy hot. Because the scent was thong and kind of stung your nostrils and felt like it was clearing your sinuses. But it's not too bad. It was just a strong scent at first. After a while its more a very fresh herbal scent. Very herbal. But it was pleasant and I could smell it all day. I actually really liked it a lot. It's got Rosemary and Mint as well as Aloe Vera and Argan Oil in it too.

It's a thin yellow liquid consistency but creates a …

Cute, Fruity, Textured Baby Teethers from BYRO!

We ♡ these baby teethers from BYRO! They are so cute and fun with bright colors and cute, fruit shapes.

We got a strawberry and grape one. Each one looks realistic and has different textures for a better sensory and teething relief experience. They have little stems, so my other daughter likes to pretend they are flowers haha. Even the bottom has little textures on it too.

They are sturdy and durable. I hand washed before giving them to my JoJo and she loves them. Especially when they first come out of the fridge. You can also freeze them and put in dishwasher. And there are not huge grooves or holes where bacteria and germs can get caught and grow. Yuck! So easy to really clean them. Yay!

Plus they are totally safe for your kids! They are BPA and Phthalate FREE as well as free from other harmful toxins and ingredients! Awesomeness!

Best part: it comes with a FREE ebook on teething with info and tips! Score.

Find these on Amazon:
I know we are de…