The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country - Book Review

Ok so I've read the Berenstain Bears books since I was a kid. I've probably read them all. Now my 3 kids love them.

I received this book a while ago as part of the BookLook Bloggers Program and it's getting close to the 4th of July again, so I got it out and I've read it to the kids again.

I think it is an awesome book for many reasons, including: it's educational, thought-provoking, fun, bright and colorful, love the characters, easy to read, etc.

The story is great. It is basicallyabout papa bear telling the kids how their "bear country" started. The pictures are well drawn and bright and the whole family reminds my kids of us. They can relate to these characters and this book also caused my kids to ask questions, which I love. I love how these books always have a lesson or some kind of moral lesson.

What I really liked was that it introduced the ideas of faith assisting in the creation of their country and being a common principle. We also see them doing their own patriotic activities like we do here. The kids loved pointing out similarities.

We definitely enjoyed this book and look forward to more. My kids love to read and I like that these books teach as much as they entertain.

I received a free copy of this book but all opinions and experiences here are my own opinions.

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