The 11th Demon The Ark of Chaos - Book Review

I read this book a while ago and was captivated by the title, "The 11th Demon", as I have a huge interest in the dark and occult and horror/thriller stories. I didn't realize this at first but it is not the 1st book. There are more and now I want to read those.
The main character, Johnathan Steele is a demon hunter who tracks and sends demons back to where they belong. When people Johnathan loves get into trouble, he goes after them. They are looking for an artifact, an ark, and both Johnathan and the demons are in a race to find it, but they are unsure of why and where or what it is. It is Suspenseful and action-filled as well as emotional.

This is the 3rd book, but you don't necessarily need to go read the first 2 before this. The book develops nicely, introduces the character and explains the setting, time and situation enough for you to understand and enjoy the story. But it would be best if you did read them as well. This book is based off Christian principles and the beliefs around demons and it was intriguing to read.

I liked this book but it left me needing more answers. I didn't feel as though I had really gotten closure at the end, and have a lot of questions based on the story, the ideas behind it and what the author was trying to get across. But I did like that the time line of the story threw in a few actual historic situations and used the story to explain another reason for them. It was interesting and entertaining. I will look forward to reading the others too.

I did receive this book, in an electronic version, for free, from the BookLook Blogger Program, but the opinions and thoughts here are my own.

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