Magazines: Where's The Substance Anymore!

Ok so I love to read. I read pretty much anything, all the time: signs, books, magazines, product packaging and boxes, social media posts, websites, newspapers, cookbooks, Everything! If it has words, I read it.
As a lover of reading, I am always buying and trying new magazines. As a girl/woman, I have an interest in fashion and cosmetics, etc. But I also like to read about people, cultures, travel and places, food and recipes, family fun activities and advice, inspiration, history, etc.

So when I got offered a free trial subscription to Harper's Bazaar, I took it. I didn't really know much about it. But when I got the magazine, I decided I just may cancel it. And actually, I've found that I am actually really starting to hate ALL fashion magazines lately...

Ok, so they obviously have a lot of people who like it because they have been in business for a long time and they definitely have a lot of ads which means that a lot of people and brands and companies want to be featured in the magazine. 
Good for them but...
Speaking of those ads...And I am not trying to Hate on that magazine or any one magazine, but it's an inch thick and 95% is all ads. I will admit that the current issue I have is the Spring Fashion issue, but after looking through a couple others I found and talking to people, it seems like all their issues are mostly ads and little substance.

This might be perfect for those fashion obsessed, financially well off, city gals. But what about us who like fashion but like substance, or like fashion but would love to learn more about how to be fashionable or tips and tutorials, or would like to know more about people, places, and stuff, or to learn more about the fashion/Cosmetics/celebrity world and the people in it, and those of us who are not rich and don't spend our entire paychecks on fashion?!? Isn't there more to life?
Plus, me personally look at fashion as an art. I'd probably never wear or dream of wearing half the stuff I see in these magazines but do find myself n awe of the creativity and imagination and the pride in which these women can rock it out and strut their stuff in these pieces.

I have subscribed and bought many magazines. Id like more to read, as that was the basis for magazines in the beginning. They used to have ads but also a lot to read. Lots of information, tips, advice and fun articles. What happened?!?

I am not a teen anymore but I like the Seventeen magazines layouts because they have a good variety of ads, articles, deals, tips, fun stuff, celebrity interviews, etc. It seems like the teeny bopper magazines fit more my style because they do have a lot more to read and its more worthwhile, even though if I do find myself looking at one, I am completely lost because I have no idea who anyone is or what they are famous for. But I like the quizzes, the articles, actual tutorials, and more of the fun stuff.

I get tired of buying the gossip magazines because if you buy more than one at the same time, chances are that you will see the same pics and read basically the same captions in every one of them.

I like other magazines like Women's Day, Family Circle, O Magazine, Rachel Ray, Women's World, Good Housekeeping, First Weekly, etc, but they tend to be more ad based as well nowadays and some are geared mostly toward the older women generations than myself. I know I will soon be in that generation but I am not yet. I also liked cosmopolitan, but I am not single anymore and some of the stuff in there gets old. You see the same bedroom tips and stuff just different titles.

Honestly, I have yet to find a magazine that I love completely. I love lots of stuff about the ones I listed above but it seems like I find myself skipping through a lot of junk lately.

So I ask, Where's the substance? Am I the only one who thinks this anymore? Is our whole lives become dependent upon ads? Do you have any suggestions besides the thousand fashion magazines out there? Is there a fashion magazine that actually has it all in good proportion ratios of ads vs substance? If so, Let me know as I am always looking for a good read.

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