SUUUPER Bright BYBlight LED Flashlights Review

I recently got to try this 4 pack of flashlights with 9 mini LED lights in them! I love flashlights. I have tons but these are by far the brightest, and they are some of the smallest ones I own. I love the different colors: black, blue, red and silver. They each weigh about 1 oz, without batteries and are 3.5 inches in length with a 1 inch diameter.

First, I noticed how lightweight they were, without the batteries. And even with batteries in them, they are still pretty lightweight. I unscrewed the bottom and found the battery compartment and inserted 3 AAA batteries, which are not included, and put it back in.

When I turned it on by pushing the soft button on the end, I was surprised by how bright it was. It has 9 mini LED lights that really shine brightly. It also had a really wide reach for light too, which got wider as you backed up away, like from the wall I was shining it on.

These are great. I tested them all and they all work as they should. I put one in my car, one in my purse, one in the bathroom for the kids to use at night if they needed too and one in my headboard. I like using a flashlight when I have to get up in the middle of the night with my baby so I'm not turning on a bright light and filling to room with light as it wakes her up more.
Also these would be great for when on trips or for camping or for my husband when he tinkers around with the car.

Plus they each had a wrist strap which is so nice. None of my other flashlights have one and this is nice to have so I don't drop it, and can use it by hanging it on my wrist while still having my hands free to pick my baby up out of her crib. It doesn't shine forward since I'm not holding it out in front of me but it's bright enough that it lights enough of the room and floor around me so I don't need to hold it, except for on my wrist. I love it.

I got these HERE on Amazon and they have an 18 month warranty as well as a 90 day - money back guarantee! They currently cost $8.99, which is a great price for these super bright lights with wrist straps.

I did get to try this free but these are my own opinions and experiences.

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