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Witches Protection Program and The History Major by Michael Philip Cash

I recently received a package containing 2 books, and a cute little sticky notepad, and a list of books by the author, Michael Philip Cash. I couldn't wait to read these and will definitely be putting his others on my read list to check out.

The Witches Protection Program was my first book I've read by Michael Philip Cash but I have to say it left a good impression. It started a little slow because you have to set the background on the scene and character but once it got going it kept me entertained until the end...which I'm hoping there may be more in the future.

From the first look at the cover, I was definitely amused. On the front cover is a picture of a badge and a gun. But the gun is different than any gun I've ever seen. It had some bright, green, eery looking liquid where the bullets would go, like a revolver and had some unique but really cool distinctions. The badge stated "Witches Protection Program" with 2 brooms forming a cross on the shield. Bo…

Nutri Maqui by Nutri Lifescience 32 oz Liquid Concentrate

I love fruits but we often aren't able to eat our daily recommended dosage daily.
I've tried other products similar but they didn't have the taste I liked as well as ingredients I'd like. Ingredients - Dark Purple Maqui Berry, Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Blackberry and Raspberry along with lots of antioxidants. It was also made in the USA.

I read the nutrition facts, information and directions. It says 1 cupful and 1 teaspoon for children 2 years and up. It is very concentrated so you can add to water or juice and I've even heard of making smoothies with it which I want to try. I tried it the first time by itself. It was very tart but it was also sweet. And I could taste all the different fruits.

I've heard so many great things about the Maqui Berry and Acai Berry and love that it's included. I have only tried it a couple times and haven't felt an energy boost like some people swear they have, but I do like that it helps support your immune …

Keeva Organic Body Wash and Conditioner - Scentalicious and Refreshing Review

So I recently got to try the Keeva Organic Anti-Bacterial Body Wash with Tea Tree Oil and Keeva Organic Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil.

I have been increasingly searching for healthier and organic products to use in my house and was excited to try these.
First off, the design and look of the bottles with the color scheme makes it look natural and organic by using earthy tones. I also loved that each came with a pump which is so much nicer than having to pour out.

The Deep Conditioner stated that it contained Argan Oil, unless it is listed by a scientific lab name, I could not find that on the ingredients list on the bottle, but it does contain Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil which is great for moisturizing.

The scent was fresh and herbal and sweet and it felt nice. It does not contain any parabens or sulfates which is great as those damage hair over time. I have been using this conditioner for a couple weeks now, at least 4 to 5 times a week. My hair has been definitely softer, smoothe…

Lots of Milk - Breastfeeding Lactation Aid with Fenugreek - Review

I have been breastfeeding for well over a year now and always fear not making enough, especially on busy days when I don't nurse as much.

I got to try these bottles of "Lots of Milk" which is a health lactation aid for breastfeeding mothers. The active ingredients include fenugreek, fennel, and marshmallow.

The pills are thin but longer and come in capsule form, but are easy to swallow. The gel caps make it so they don't taste bad which is a super plus. I hate taking vitamins and supplements because a lot of them aren't gel capsuleslike this and taste awful.

So directions say to take one capsule, 3 times daily. I did at first but on some really busy days, I only took 2. I haven't noticed any real side effects either which is nice. I am always weary of that.

With this package, I got 2 - 30 day supply bottles. At first, I didn't notice a difference but now I definitely notice that I am producing more breast milk. It is a relief. I have tried other lactatio…

Yoga Card Game - Fun For Kids and Adults - Beginners or Advanced

I LOVE this Yoga Card Game!
This may be my favorite yoga purchase ever!
I wanted to learn to do yoga and my daughter wants to do it with me too. This is so much fun to play.
We did read the rules and the missions and looked at the different poses and played the game as directed, but then we kind of made our own game out of it.

There are 48 poses, which range from easy to difficult, in my opinion. There were a few we would have to work into. We would draw cards and she would try to do hers and I would do mine, but then we just started drawing cards and seeing who could do the pose best.

This would be fun for a girls day! And I get to learn new poses.  I like the fact that it has 6 mission cards with different poses to do. Plus it came with a help card that lists all the poses and missions. The cards are also bright and colorful and is fun and attractive.

We have been using this every day now for our exercise time and have been having a blast. I have been wanting to get more into yog…

SUUUPER Bright BYBlight LED Flashlights Review

I recently got to try this 4 pack of flashlights with 9 mini LED lights in them! I love flashlights. I have tons but these are by far the brightest, and they are some of the smallest ones I own. I love the different colors: black, blue, red and silver. They each weigh about 1 oz, without batteries and are 3.5 inches in length with a 1 inch diameter.

First, I noticed how lightweight they were, without the batteries. And even with batteries in them, they are still pretty lightweight. I unscrewed the bottom and found the battery compartment and inserted 3 AAA batteries, which are not included, and put it back in.

When I turned it on by pushing the soft button on the end, I was surprised by how bright it was. It has 9 mini LED lights that really shine brightly. It also had a really wide reach for light too, which got wider as you backed up away, like from the wall I was shining it on.

These are great. I tested them all and they all work as they should. I put one in my car, one in my purs…

Best Mark Mystery Shopping! Sign up and get paid to Shop!

I currently conduct mystery shopping with an industry-leading company called BestMark, and enjoy the assignments they provide... and the free services and extra cash is definitely a plus! 
I log in to the site and I find a whole list of mystery shopping jobs and can complete any and all I want. Most of the ones near me pay around  $17 per job. That's pretty good. You could really make some good money off this, if you did it every day! There are a lot of different types of jobs to complete too.
It's free to sign up as a BestMark shopper and you are able to view the opportunities in your area as soon as you are hired into the system.  The best part is that I get to provide feedback about the experiences I have at local businesses and I get paid for it!
Here is a link to their free application:

My shopper id is WA24090
Here is an informational video about how you can start saving and earning with BestMark's Automotive Research Study Program: