Woo Hoo! WooBamboo Eco Friendly Kids Toothbrushes Review!

Bamboo has become increasingly popular these days. I swear I am seeing it everywhere. And when I saw these WooBamboo Eco Friendly Kids Toothbrushes, I was excited.

Not only are they something we need, as we brush our teeth every day, they are something that is eco friendly and better for us and the environment, as well as cute! I have been trying to make a switch to using more natural and organic or recycled products lately.

So, what I got in the mail was a 100% recycled, padded mailer. Which I thought was awesome. Not only is the product I am getting eco friendly. So is the packaging! Loved it! This packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, renewable, reusable, and upcycled! Now That is a lot of good stuff! And it does show that they really DO Care about the environment as well as their consumers.

I opened up the earth friendly mailer and found a personal, hand-written note from the company themselves. Which is really cool. A lot of times, you may get a copied piece or a printed reproduction of a note or enclosed info card. This was really nice. I like stuff like this.

The note stated how excited they were to "help teach young mind's the importance of being eco-friendly. Keep the smiles strong. You Woo!"
And they actually started the note using my name. Definitely personal and made me feel special. Loved it!

So, these 2 toothbrushes we got were really well made, from sustainable bamboo. The bristles were soft but were effective at cleaning and didn't fall out during use. They are also colored. One toothbrush had blue and green bristles and the other had blue and purple bristles. Which is great because I had a son and daughter who were going to be using these and they didn't have to fight over which one was theirs.

These toothbrushes were also anti-microbial and non-toxic and BPA-Free, which is great. I feel better letting my kids using these knowing that there are no toxic and harmful ingredients that went into the production of these.
These were great and the kids felt super cool and proud to be using such awesome and earth friendly toothbrushes. They kept talking about how they were mini earth heroes, and started asking about other things they could do for the environment which is downright fantastic. So now, these toothbrushes not only have cleaned their teeth, but are also making them think about important things, like recycling and reusing, and helping the earth and the environment around them.

Also enclosed was a little enclosed paper booklet that showed more than just kid's toothbrushes. They also have adult sized toothbrushes, pet toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothpicks!
Now that is totally cool. I want one of these toothbrushes for myself, so I am definitely going to check it all out!

I highly suggest you check them out too. Even if you are just looking. These will be great for you and the environment. Feel good about what you are buying. Promote eco-friendliness, and share the love!


I did get to try these for free as part of a product trial through Tomoson, but the opinions and experiences here are my own! :)

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