Kids SmartStick 2 with Kid Zone Streaming Review

I was super excited about getting this SmartStick 2! I've heard about these and wanted one for a while now. It came with all the cords and a small pamphlet that had a diagram showing how to set it up as well as instructions.

Once I plugged it in, it was pretty self explanatory as my TV walked me thru set up.
I loved the kids youtube app. It had lots of videos: sing-a-longs, videos, educational, fun, etc. That's pretty mush all we've watched so far, the sing-a-longs. We found one that is almost an hour long and it's great. The kids dance and sing.
I haven't let them use it themselves as it is pretty difficult. The one thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star is that yet he remote is like a mouse pointer. It has arrow buttons but they don't work. I have to click the mouse button and the pointer moves so fast and you have to focus it right on the center of app and hold still to click it. It's somewhat difficult for me, I'd only imagine it being worse for my kids who would not be able to hold still or ever get it to click right. I'd like it if it were just arrow buttons.
Also, it does have a power button but I can't ever get it to turn off so I have to unplug it. 

But it is bright and fun and somewhat easy to navigate through. It has parental controls and you can add apps through Google play account. And I love all the content. It is fun to watch.

I did get to try this free but these are my own opinions and experiences.

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