Check Out This AWESOME Watermelon Corer & Server and Bonus Orange Peeler

I wanted one of these Watermelon Corer & Servers so bad. I had seen a picture of one pop up on Facebook once and had been looking for one ever since.
We love watermelon but Hate cutting it up.  This makes it so easy and fun.

First of all, this is made of stainless steel and is pretty sturdy. It is flexible but does not seem flimsy at all.  It's perfect size for comfy holding and fits great in my utensil drawer.  I tried this on a smaller sized watermelon first as watermelon is not quite in season yet and it worked great. It did take me a minute to use it well as on a small watermelon, it is a little harder because of its size.  But it did work and I was able to cut a strip and pull it out, no problem.

Plus I got a bonus orange peeler ring. It's actually pretty nice. You just slip it on, push the little knob into the orange peel and wiggle your finger and it gets the peeling started then you can use the edges to peel the rest.

These are 2 things I wished I had a long time ago. I can't wait for summer bbqs and picnics and to use this. It will come in so handy.

You can find this set HERE on Amazon!
Hurry cause watermelon season is coming and you'll want to be ready!

I did get to try this free but these are my own opinions and experiences.

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