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Get a Rush with Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray Antiperspirant

I recently got to try this Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray Antiperspirant and I have used axe before and so has my husband. We both like the strong spicy scents but not always for every day use.

I love the commercials though, with all the people chasing the guy who sprayed the Axe! I had no guys or girls chasing me and neither did my husband haha. But we did get compliments and comments on the scent. Mostly posotive. A few had said it was a little strong for them. But it wasn't too bad.

I heard the "dry spray" phrase before this but I wasn't sure what to expect. When I first got it and tried it, I noticed it really was a dry spray. It felt warm and like a small burst of air. I was not even sure it worked, but I could smell it right away. You really only need one spray on each side. Otherwise it can be a little overpowering.

It lasts a really really long time. I'm used to more subtle scents so this was different for me but not necessarily bad. I liked it as long as I did…

Check Out This AWESOME Watermelon Corer & Server and Bonus Orange Peeler

I wanted one of these Watermelon Corer & Servers so bad. I had seen a picture of one pop up on Facebook once and had been looking for one ever since.
We love watermelon but Hate cutting it up.  This makes it so easy and fun.

First of all, this is made of stainless steel and is pretty sturdy. It is flexible but does not seem flimsy at all.  It's perfect size for comfy holding and fits great in my utensil drawer.  I tried this on a smaller sized watermelon first as watermelon is not quite in season yet and it worked great. It did take me a minute to use it well as on a small watermelon, it is a little harder because of its size.  But it did work and I was able to cut a strip and pull it out, no problem.

Plus I got a bonus orange peeler ring. It's actually pretty nice. You just slip it on, push the little knob into the orange peel and wiggle your finger and it gets the peeling started then you can use the edges to peel the rest.

These are 2 things I wished I had a long ti…

Colorful 6 Pack 2 in 1 Universal Stylus and Ink Pens

These 2 in 1 Stylus pens are so cute! I love them!
They come in 6 colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Black! And they all worked. They look so pretty, but they are more than just your average pen!

I'm having fun doodling on paper then, using them to doodle on my phone!

* 2 in 1 design: Stylus and ink pen!
Soft rubber tip for stylus! No scratching up your device!

 * Easy to carry with a metal clip can be clipped on the book or phone case. 

* 100% compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices. Such as iPhone, iPad Pro, Samsung, HTC, LG, Kindle, MacBook 12 inch, Nokia N1, Nexus 5X 6P Pixel C, etc.

Plus you get 6 in 6 pretty, bright colors!

Green is my fave of course! But now I can match the others to my moods or outfits if I want too!
They do write smoothly, and you just twist the tip to use the ink pen. They worked great on all my e-devices too! I love the bright colors and the cute crystal looking stones inside. These would be great for kids, teens or adults like me!


The Most Comfortable Breastfeeding Bra Ever! From Mamaway

I have been breastfeeding for over a year now and have gone through several different types of breastfeeding bras. This is my first nylon bra and I LOVE it.

It is seamless and so comfy and silky soft and stretchy. The cups are paddled which helps disguise yourself when it's cold and is nice when your sore and full. The strap has a 3 prong clasp connection with 4 different sizing options. I have it hooked on the tightest one now. But it's nice to loosen it once in a while. I haven't had a problem with them coming undone either. I love the easy snap to unhook the bra to feed and it comes down completely so you have enough comfortable room to feed with. It also has adjustable straps which is nice.

I have slept in it and worn it all day and am still comfortable. It's easy to clean too. I usually wash by hand to prolong life, but it can go in washer without damage, and I dry on low or hang dry it.
I just cannot get over how soft the material is. And it really helps supp…

Kids SmartStick 2 with Kid Zone Streaming Review

I was super excited about getting this SmartStick 2! I've heard about these and wanted one for a while now. It came with all the cords and a small pamphlet that had a diagram showing how to set it up as well as instructions.
Once I plugged it in, it was pretty self explanatory as my TV walked me thru set up.
I loved the kids youtube app. It had lots of videos: sing-a-longs, videos, educational, fun, etc. That's pretty mush all we've watched so far, the sing-a-longs. We found one that is almost an hour long and it's great. The kids dance and sing. I haven't let them use it themselves as it is pretty difficult. The one thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star is that yet he remote is like a mouse pointer. It has arrow buttons but they don't work. I have to click the mouse button and the pointer moves so fast and you have to focus it right on the center of app and hold still to click it. It's somewhat difficult for me, I'd only imagine it being worse…

Spring Time Plaid Shirt - Review - and Other Cute, Fun and Fashionable Clothing and Accessories with KB Trends!

I love this plaid fitted shirt I got from KB Trends!

It's so cute and I love the color scheme.
It was bold and somewhat bright but also a relaxed and classy look. It's perfect for spring and summer. Also it had a different fabric design on the color that contrasted well with the whole design.

The fabric was soft and light and airy but not too thin. I loved how I could roll the sleeves up and button them so they stayed or wear them down. Makes it great for either warm or cool days.
This is something you could pair with jeans and boots for a casual look or with a skirt or nice khakis for a more dressier look.

I had two pockets in the front that is great for use or for just style and design. The shirt was fitted so it accentuated your body and wasn't too short or long on me. I loved it. I even got lots of compliments on it too.

I saw no issues with the seams or sewing. The buttons were sewn on really well.
I wore it with the sleeves up during the day then unfolded them in the e…

Daddy Needs A New Leather Belt grom LCY! Great Gift Idea!

I am big on how an item is packaged, and not just how an item is on its own. This LCY Real Leather Belt came in a nice and sleek looking, black tin box. Inside was logo-branded tissue paper and inside that was the belt, neatly wrapped up! This had Great presentation. What an Awesome first impression.

I loved how simple the belt looked and also that it was more textured rather than smooth. It makes it look more ok to go as casual and ok for the rugged man as well as the super suave and dressy man.
I wanted this for my husband for Father's Day or Easter or for a little surprise. He could definitely use a new belt, but b especially so picky and it has to be real leather. Real leather belts are stronger and last longer while artificial leather belts or other fabrics and materials can crack or tear or rip with wear.
 The nickel-free, alloy buckle looks nice too. And fits the overall style and design of the belt nicely. This belt, and the way it comes wrapped up nicely, would be a great…

Get Organized with the Foldable Storage Cube Bakets - Read My Review

I recently got this set of 6 Foldable Storage Cube Baskets to try and I have to say, these are pretty great! You can find these on Their Website HERE! Or you can find these on Amazon HERE!

I was excited for these. I love having things organized, o at least put away where people can't see them. :) I have bought others I had found on Amazon before and they were always flimsy and either too small or too big and easily fell apart or were just horrible.
These were great. They came all folded up in a box and it was pretty heavy all together. But each on their own is pretty light. But just because they were light, don't let that get you thinking they were cheap. They are not at all. They unfolded easily, but I had to put a stuff in it to keep them open as they probably had been folded for so long that they wouldn't stay open. After a while, they were fine.

I put a few on my daughter's shelf for her sweaters, coats and shoes, and another couple for some toys, etc. I gave one to m…

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus - A MUST HAVE For Traveling

I recently got a travel pack to try with a fold out hanger, 3 bottles of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus and a travel bag! (See below for links to special offers and tips)
It is awesome because the 3-ounce travel size meets airline standards and is a perfect fit in your purse, carry-on or any travel bag, including gym bags, sewing kits and more!

Your clothes can be wrinkle-free, odor-free and static-free in just minutes. Just spray, tug, smooth and hang, then you’re done.
I love how it sprays a full spray and you only need to spray once or twice, depending on size of item.  Oh, and just the smell of it is so amazing! I love it. I could smell it all day!
Honestly, I have seen this around on the shelves and I had thought about it, but had never tried it. I wish I would have tried it sooner now, because it really works and would be great for work. Especially on meeting days! Just a quick spray and tug and I am fresh to death! :)

You can use it as any of the following: Wrinkle Remover - No Iron …

Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat 3 yrs+ - Review

I love charts! I have rewards charts for behaviors, chores, daily hygiene, and now this meal Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat (3 yrs+) from The Victoria Chart Company. I believe parenting is so much easier with charts. They are great for teaching positive behaviors and for keeping track of behaviors for positive rewarding.

The table is the one place that is so hard for my daughter. She doesn't focus, gets bored, etc. We tell her what to do and how to behave often and I know she knows but she has no motivation or feels like it is not fun for her and she tends to misbehave when she feels that way. 

Ever since we got this though, she's been better. She checks off what she's done before, during and after dinner. And she gets to play and draw while waiting with the dry erase pen! And it has been easier on us too. Now we ...just need to get 2 more for my other 2 kiddos! 

 I love that it is big and has cute pictures on it but it is also pretty heavy duty and laminated so this w…

Woo Hoo! WooBamboo Eco Friendly Kids Toothbrushes Review!

Bamboo has become increasingly popular these days. I swear I am seeing it everywhere. And when I saw these WooBamboo Eco Friendly Kids Toothbrushes, I was excited.

Not only are they something we need, as we brush our teeth every day, they are something that is eco friendly and better for us and the environment, as well as cute! I have been trying to make a switch to using more natural and organic or recycled products lately.

So, what I got in the mail was a 100% recycled, padded mailer. Which I thought was awesome. Not only is the product I am getting eco friendly. So is the packaging! Loved it! This packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, renewable, reusable, and upcycled! Now That is a lot of good stuff! And it does show that they really DO Care about the environment as well as their consumers.

I opened up the earth friendly mailer and found a personal, hand-written note from the company themselves. Which is really cool. A lot of times, you may get a copied piece or a printed reprodu…

Working Class Children's Lab Coat - Fun Kid's Review!

We recently got to try out this Working Class Lab Coat and LOVED it! It's so cute.
Both my son and daughter got one! My son has not seen his yet, as we are saving it for a surprise, but below are the pics of my daughter wearing hers!

And it's made just like a real lab coat. It's made of a soft but absorbent cloth and is pretty thick and it even has the two pockets on the front at the bottom, and one at the top, like for holding your "lab pen", like it does on real lab coats.

My daughter is pretty short, so hers, is big on her but she hasn't taken it off since she got it.
With each of them, came this little booklet which included info on the scientific method and a word search and a glossary with different science words and decisions from the S. Method. It even has a page where they can write notes.

Now she is trying to "fix up" everyone and "scientize" (her words) everything! So cute. She pretends she is a mad scientist or Doc McStuffins! IT…