Cute and Trendy Ziggy Baby Pack and Play/Play Yard 2 pack Sheet Set

I loved these Ziggy Baby Pack and Play/Play Yard sheets! I didn't even know they made sheets for play pen pads and mattresses. This is awesome. When I got the package, I saw that it came with the 2 sheets in a plastic bag with snap buttons, which is great for storing when not in use. They were rolled up and at first I was thinking they might be too big or too small but they weren't. They fit great. Perfect.
The material was so soft and was stretchy a bit, and the look and design was trendy and cute! I love the grey because it can go with anything and can be unisex.
I got a grey and white polka dot one and a grey and white chevron striped one. But I am sure they have other styles and colors too.
They were easy to unfold and put on the playpen pad that I have. I even stuffed a blanket on the pad and put it on for extra cushion and it worked great. I definitely love these and am going to look for more. I have a few friends who recently had babies or are pregnant and this would be a great gift idea for them.
I did get to try this sheet set for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

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