2017 Eclipse Book and Viewing Kit Review

We are so ready and counting down to the 2017 Eclipse! We got a huge package FULL of stuff for it!
I got lots of different eclipse glasses for my family and friends, and even a real set of official eclipse glasses, not just paper ones. I also got snacks: Moon Pies! We got 4 of them which is a perfect snack for a solar eclipse. And yummy too!

When  first heard about this kit, I was excited because I love learning about stuff like this and so do my kids. I am always buying books for them, on earth science and stuff. But I did not expect a kit of this magnitude. This was so cool. There was so much that came with it!

So, from what I read about this, American Paper Optics teamed with a NASA astrophysicist, Fred Espenak, (Mr. Eclipse) helped create this AWESOME guide to the 2017 eclipse. Which is awesome. I have tried these paper viewing glasses before and it definitely makes it look awesome.

The small "Get Eclipsed" book has LOTS of pictures and info and has different sections such as the science behind and the history of solar eclipses, fun facts, helpful hints for viewing, maps and diagrams that can be interactive using the eclipses glasses that comes inside the book too!

I was really excited. I actually learned a lot from this book. It had info on the full cycle of an eclipse as well as a diagram and info on what the Mayan believed, based on eclipses and the moons and their calendar. This was really fun for me to read to and with my kids. My son has even taken it to school to show his teacher and friends.

There are like 15 paper glasses that are ready to be folded and used, then there are a couple pages of more glasses, and there are 2 more pairs inside the book, and 1 more pair in the snack box! That is a lot of glasses. And they are different with their looks and designs. So each person can pick out their favorite style and rock it like a moon rock!
The real glasses are cool too. I have already called dibs on those. They are sturdy and they fit well and look cool. They are going to be perfect!

Now if only 8/21/2017 could get here. I doubt the moon pies will last throughout the week, but we'll still have the book and glasses and we will be ready!

You can get the book here, for your family and start planning your own viewing party!

I did get to try these for free, but all of the opinions and experiences are my own.

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