Ore Ida Loaded Totchos Recipe

I recently tried a new twist on our usual loaded tators recipe thanks to Ore Ida Tator Tots.
We tried the Ore Ida Loaded Totchos Recipe, and it was so easy to make and tasted so delicious.

I never thought of using tator tots for more than just a side dish. We have tried a tator tots casserole once though and loved it. It was mouthwatering, full of flavor and so easy to make. It was also a quick fix meal that was different than anything we've ever tried before. Definitely going to make it again.

If you go on the Ore Ida website, there are LOTS of different recipes, including this one.

Here is the recipe we found online:

*1 package (32 oz.) Ore-Ida® Tater Tots®, or 8 cups1 (16 oz.)
*Container sour cream, or 2 cups
*2 tablespoons Ranch seasoning mix
*3 tablespoons Chopped fresh chives, divided
*1 cup Shredded cheddar cheese (we used a mixture of pre-shredded cheeses)
*1/4 cup Cooked bacon crumbles (Bacon Bits - we used)

*Preheat oven to 350°F.
*Bake potatoes according to package instructions.
*In a medium bowl, mix together sour cream, seasoning mix and 2 Tbsp. of chives.
*Arrange Tater Tots on serving platter.
*Spoon sour cream mixture on top.
*Sprinkle with cheese, bacon and remaining 1 Tbsp. of chives.

We did not use the chives but we did enjoy it just the same. Now the kids want it again. It was so good and quick. It only took a half hour to make and cook.

Here is the link to their recipes: http://www.oreida.com/Recipes
You can find this recipe here: https://www.oreida.com/Recipes/L/Totchos-Loaded

I tried this recipe with a package of Ore Ida Tator Tots from which I had received a FREE coupon from Influenster. You should sign up. You may have a chance to try products like this, for FREE too!

Even though this post is based on a product in which I tried for free, All opinions and experiences here are my own.

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