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I LOVE The Smell Of Monkey Farts! Scented Natural Soy Candle REVIEW!

Ok so anyone who knows me, knows that I am a Huge candle Freak! I LOVE candles and am always buying them. Lots of them. I love to smell them and I love to have candles burning in the house. It just feels more homey and comfy and inviting and soothing. Well i just got this new candle. It is the Monkey Farts Natural Scented Soy Wax 12oz Candle. And I LOVE it! I think it is my new favorite candle EVER! You have to get this. It smells soooo GOOD! It contains the scents of bananas, strawberries, a touch of vanilla, kiwi and grapefruit. To me, it reminds me of like a fruity Starburst! I CAN'T STOP SMELLING IT! And what a name! Monkey Farts. Wow. That definitely caught my attention. It's unique and fun and funny. This would be a Great gift idea! It's definitely sweet but it burns clean with no toxins and is vegetable based so it's all naturally made, which is nice. Now I don't have to worry about burning nasty chemicals into my house. It has definitely been a conversat…

Get The Behavior You Want...Without Being The Parent You Hate! - Book Review

I wanted to share this book I have been reading. It is called, "Get The Behavior You Want...Without Being The Parent You Hate!"
It's written by Deborah Gilboa, MD. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I just wanted to share it! Basically it is a very thorough parenting book with lots of info, tips and practices for raising responsible, respectful children. 
She is a mother as well as a family physician and has excellent experience and advice. And I have found her to be honest, and experienced and helpful.
This book has information and tips for children as young as toddlers and older children ages 10-12 and up. And I have found it very useful. We all want to raise our children the best we can and sometimes we just don't know what to do, or we let things slide but then expect them to know when it's ok to let it slide and not ok. Then we just don't know what to do in certain situations and especially in families with multiple children, it can be hard to raise them w…

Let Me Take A Selfie! Gnome Workshop Foldable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

I love it. I love the color on the end. Green is my fave color. Here, there are other colors to choose from too. You can choose your favorite color and basically personalize your selfie stick. When I first got it, I plugged it in the charger and charged it. As it came with a USB port charger cord. That way I can use it as I want. Then plug it in again later. Then I set it up with my phone's bluetooth and snapped away. I love the shutter button, which makes it easy to take a picture without confusion of the shutter from your phone or the stick, as it works with it. It's also easier to push the button rather than touch a screen as you can mess us your pic doing that as well. It's compatible with both android and apple phones, which is awesome amd that means ANYONE can use it, and I can even fit my big Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in it. It doesn't scratch up my phone's edges but it holds it tight so it doesn't fall out.  Also it is lightweight but sturdy and made wel…

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace w/BONUS Silicone Teething Necklace Review

I've always wanted to try one of these! I've seen them all over and heard so much good things about them. My daughter is a year old and teething now. I've been trying everything. We recently got this Baltic Amber Teething Necklace and seems to like this a lot. I either put it on her neck, it screws on/off in the back,  or she carries it around.
The texture of the stones feel good on her teeth, and she likes to chew on it, even though most sources say she just needs to wear it and that it is NOT for chewing. And they are naturally made and the ingredients actually help her sore gums feel better. It also came with another pink silicone-made teething necklace, which she just loves to hold and chew on as well. I even wear the pink one and she will chew on it while I'm holding her. Which makes it easier to do things while holding her, as she is less fussy and has something to chew on and play with. Both are safe for my baby which makes me happy and both have helped dur…

The Call You Never Expect, and Wish Never Comes...

That moment when you get a phone call at 8:30 pm and the panic sets in as it rings and you already know that there's No reason they would call this late unless it was serious. From the time it started ringing, to the time I responded to the "Hi Ashley," felt like a year.
My heart stopped and so did my breathing. Hopefully everything is fine now but there is a new fear. A new worry. I realize I am getting older and so are my parents and now I have to worry about them as much as I do my own children. I've never felt this sort of panic. Just knowing that there's this chance of something bad scares the living hell out of me. I don't pray often but I prayed tonight, over and over and will continue to do so.
As I shook, listening to his story of what happened, I just stood there. I realized, when I was on the verge of passing out, and when my knees buckled and I had to grab the counter to keep from falling, that I'd been holding my breath for so long.
You alw…

Write Your Story in COLOR with LINKYO Chalk Markers!

I love Chalk Markers and I recently got to try these ones from Linkyo. They work great. They are well made, good sized and easy to set up and use. I got  20 markers. 20 colors and shades! 20x the FUN!!!
First before you can use them, you have to press tip down til it fills with ink, then shake and go! I like the fact that you can use these on any non-porous surface like whiteboards, mirrors, windows. I love using these to write notes for my family, even lovey dovey notes on our mirror. We also use them to keep up with appts, write out reminders, make lists, etc. The kids love drawing with them. It washes off easily. And it came with 3 extra tips for your markers. No other brand has done that! Awesome! Go get yourself some now on Amazon! I did get to try these for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

My First Sweet Tooth Teething Necklace Review

There are so much cute baby stuff out there like these baby teething necklaces I just got to try! They are shaped liked cookies! And so cute and bright! You can find them HERE on Amazon! And I suggest you do! They are colored with a two color design like the actual cookies and says "biscuit" on it, where the cookie brand name would go. The necklace string is soft but sturdy and has a clip in the back to separate so you can take it off. I got 3 in the box, orange, blue and pink. I just love the bright colors and the whole design. Like I had mentioned, they are textured and my baby loves to rub it on her teeth and gums and chew on them. She will sit for ever chewing on these. It is also something you never see, so naturally, I've gotten lots of compliments and questions!
These would be perfect for a new baby, baby shower, baby birthday, or just because.
Hey Valentine's Day is coming up and instead of buying sweets, you can buy your baby these! Pick up a set for yo…

Zim's Max Crack Creme Review

I got to try Zim's Crack Creme recently and was excited because I'd loved one of their other products. I liked the design of the box, it was bright and bold and had big wording that stood out. It sounded funny when I said #CrackCreme out loud though and people were wondering what I was talking about. Ok, so I tried the Crack Creme and it was not what I expected. It said liquid formula but I was thinking it was going to be more of a Creme than a greasy, oily liquid. It definitely lubricated areas and put a coating on it that kept it from "cracking" like my hands and elbows. I just don't think I liked this formula as much. It was a very thin liquid and when I went to wash my hands, it spread and was hard to get off.
My family tried it and they agreed that yes it was thin and oily but we all agreed that it was good at softening and kind of lubricating skin. This would be good for people who work with their hands a lot or who have to wash their hands a lot, to us…

Ore Ida Loaded Totchos Recipe

I recently tried a new twist on our usual loaded tators recipe thanks to Ore Ida Tator Tots.
We tried the Ore Ida Loaded Totchos Recipe, and it was so easy to make and tasted so delicious.
I never thought of using tator tots for more than just a side dish. We have tried a tator tots casserole once though and loved it. It was mouthwatering, full of flavor and so easy to make. It was also a quick fix meal that was different than anything we've ever tried before. Definitely going to make it again.
If you go on the Ore Ida website, there are LOTS of different recipes, including this one.

Here is the recipe we found online:Ingredients:
*1 package (32 oz.) Ore-Ida® Tater Tots®, or 8 cups1 (16 oz.)
*Container sour cream, or 2 cups
*2 tablespoons Ranch seasoning mix
*3 tablespoons Chopped fresh chives, divided
*1 cup Shredded cheddar cheese (we used a mixture of pre-shredded cheeses)
*1/4 cup Cooked bacon crumbles (Bacon Bits - we used)Directions:
*Preheat oven to 350°F.
*Bake potatoes…

Seventh Generation All Natural Laundry Soap - Gentle and Fresh and Naturally the BEST!

I love this laundry soap because with this brand, you don't have to compromise. 
You get the naturals ingredients, fresh scent AND gentleness all in one! 
And it still washes your clothing just as good as other brands, which proves that you do Not need all the harmful and harsh toxins.
I loved using this. And our clothes came out so soft and clean and fresh smelling and the soap didn't ruin the clothes or leave them feeling weird and didn't cause any skin irritations.
It's all natural and it's naturally the BEST!
We have been using this soap instead of our regular laundry soap and I'm not sure I'm ever going back. Just knowing that it's healthier and safer for my family is a big relief. It's nice to know I don't have to pick between safe and efficient. With Seventh Generation, I can have BOTH!
Check out this wonderful laundry soap here:
They also have a HUGE variety of other produc…

Lessons About Friends and How Far You Go For Them!

I've learned a lot about friends and followers over the last year or so. Recently I've gained a lot of friends on social medias and am active in the "You follow, I follow" notion. Then just by chance, I checked my stats and saw that all the people who would "follow" have unfollowed on my blog. It really got me upset. I go out of my way for people all the time. I click your links, follow your blogs and pages, enter your contests, share your posts and help promote you, etc. Maybe not as much as I could, but I NEVER do the follow then unfollow. How rude!Today I learned a lot and definitely took notice of those who I can say are nice people and followers and will continue to take notice. We can't continue this and be good bloggers if no one is following. We can't gain more prestige and get through this on our own. But some of you do. Like I had said on social media posts, maybe I am too nice and maybe fairness isn't realistic but that's my belie…

Rang in the New Year with A Jingle! #JingleVoxBox Review

I LOVE INFLUENSTER!!! I recently got my #JingleVoxBox from them and I loved everything in it!If you don't know what Influenster is, it is a community that you can sign up to join and share opinions about products, ask questions,  interact with members, complete surveys, ad have the opportunity to try New Products for FREE! They also run contests for products and Voxboxes throughout the year on their site with Missions, or through social sharing or social medias like Facebook and Twitter! So in my recent Voxbox, the #JingleVoxBox, I got 8 things! I got Kiss True Volume Lashes and Adhesive w/Aloe. I loved these. I had never tried false lashes before but these were easier to apply than I though they would be. And they looked awesome.I also got a little 1 oz container of Cetaphil. I also had never tried this before either but I loved it. I kept using it all day because it worked so good and my hands felt so soft and I still am using it and have bought more. It's thick and creamy a…