Zim's Max Freeze Muscle and Joint Gel *Review*

I recently tried Zim's Max Freeze Muscle and Joint Gel on my neck and shoulder where I had recently pulled a muscle.
I just squeezed a little bit out and rubbed it in and instantly, I could feel it getting cooler and tingly.
I have to say it smells similar to other products like Icy Hot and has a somewhat thick consistency and worked really well.
I didn't have any skin irritation and it didn't hurt. What's great about this is that it is made from natural based ingredients. Even the smell was relaxing and soothing. Somewhat strong, but I expected that. Just be careful not to get in your mouth or eyes. Wash your hands after applying.
It is made to help sore muscles and muscle sprains and strains, like your back, shoulder and neck, and your ankle or knee and other areas like your hip and elbow joints.
It contains Aloe Vera which is a wonderful ingredient as well as vitamin E and tea tree oil among other ingredients but it doesn't have parables or sulfates and is not tested on animals which is awesome.
Zim's also has other natural-based products too, which you can check out at http://www.zimsusa.com but you can find the Max Freeze Muscle and Joint Gel here http://www.zimsusa.com/pain-relief/zims-max-freeze-gel/
I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

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