Your Phone Needs a Fisheye Lens from VicTsing

Ok so it says it's for an iphone as well as other phones, but I also tried it with my Samsung Galaxy phone and it worked just as well. I love this. It came with 2 lenses which can be used separate or together. The magnification is awesome. And it's so easy to clip on to your phone. You just insert lens in to clip then slide onto phone and position lens in front of your phone lens. It helps you take AMAZING pictures.

I really loved how it came with a cute carrying case and a microfiber cloth to clean it with. It also came with 2 clips to hold lenses on your phone. It also came with a clip that hooks to the case so you can easily carry the case on your belt loop or attach to your purse or whatever.
These are not cheap lenses either. They are well made and like I said, so easy to use and the pictures are great.

I have been taking pictures of Everything. Inside, outside, of people and my kids, and of scenery and nature and of the sky. These pictures are awesome. See my phone only magnifies to a certain point but these lenses make it magnify more. I love it and I'm so happy with it. You have to try these. 


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I did get to try these for free but these are my own opinions and experiences.
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