Ozobot Party Sponsored by Tryazon

This weekend, we got to host the most fun and most coolest party Ever! My kids and I got to try out the new Ozobots with our friends!
These things are Awesome. They are little round robots and they come with little hats so you can personalize them and have little cases you can put them in.

You can teach your kids to code with them and in turn teach the robots to do mazes, have contests, and dance, etc.
These things are so much fun. We definitely had a blast.

These little ozobots are easy to use. You just want to calibrate them. You can use the card inside the package or a white screen on your phone or tablet. We used the card.
It even comes with its own maze. You turn it on and put it down on the maze card and watch it go.

The kids learned that different colors mean different things to them and even got to color and make their own mazes for them using different colored markers.

It was so fun because the kids were so excited and these things were so darn cute.

I did get to try these free thanks to a sponsored party through Tryazon but you can find these Ozobots on Amazon or here at www.ozobot.com

The kids played for hours and learned so much! I definitely recommend you check these iut. These would be there Perfect Christmas or birthday gift!

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

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