This Stitch sippy cup is so cute!

I loved this Lilo and Stitch Sippy Cup! Visibly, is was attracted right away to the fun and bright colored design. It's bold and modern and of course cute like Stitch! Its a very lightweight sippy cup and the shape makes it easy for little hands to hold.

My girls were so excited to try it out, so I washed it by hand and poured some juice in right away. This is a cup I definitely recommend washing by hand, because of its thin and lightweight design, it would be easy to break in a dishes with high temps of water.

What I did like was the easy to remove insert that slows the drip of the cup and the design of it that makes it easy to stand on its own and it is a good size. What I didn't like was that it would leak when you turned it sideways or my girls set it down. Only a bit at first, then all of a sudden it was a steady drip. I checked plug insert and it was fine. But the cuteness of this cup outweighs the negative. Most of the different sippy cups out there leak at some point anyway.

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions expressed are my own and my only compensation was this product. #LiloStitch


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