Keep It Cool with Disney's Frozen Kleenex with Cool Touch

My family and I were sooo super duper excited to get these Disney Frozen Cool Touch Kleenex boxes recently from Crowdtap! First of all, I have always loved Kleenex and use it often. They always have such pretty designs that either fit your personality or lifestyle or decor. I love that they have kids designs and figured there would be a Frozen design soon with it being so popular and of course they finally made one.

My daughters and I are huge fans of Disney's Frozen movie and watch it and sing the songs often. My daughters also have a lot of Frozen items and can now add Kleenex to the mix! I love the box designs! They are so bright and colorful and really bring out the movie well. Especially the Elsa box, which is my daughter's favorite one! The designs are fun and attractive and perfect for your house, kids rooms, classrooms, or to give as gifts. They are great all around. But the best part is the Kleenex inside.

The Cool Touch tissues are soooo soft and non-abrasive to your skin. Even the wettest nose, won't get dried out or tissue burn from using these. They are super absorbent for a tissue and work well. These Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues are made with a special blend of ingredients, including moisturizers and aloe vera so when they come in contact with your skin, your body heat activates them to release a cooling comfort essence to soothe your sore noses. Neat huh?!? I love these and definitely needed them this weekend. Especially with the season bringing the first colds of the year and constant running noses, it's nice to have these around, and we will definitely be buying more of these!

You can find these cool tissues and more information here!

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions expressed are my own and my only compensation was this product.

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