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My 1st Thanksgiving Meal was Wonderful!

Our family, now complete, had thanksgiving at my in laws this year. And I cooked Thanksgiving dinner myself for the 1st time! OMG!
No really I did. My mom in law taught me how by telling and showing me and I did it all. I was so nervous I was going to fail or forget something. I was a wreck. All I forgot was the bag of potatoes at my house but my father in law went to the store for more. Thankfully.They were thankful because I literally showed up with everything. All they had to buy was the potatoes. I learned how to prep the turkey, make the stuffing and stuff it. That was fun but the stuffing was still hot haha. Then I made the deserts and later we made gravy and mashed potatoes and everything else. There was so much food.I was so nervous that I was going to mess dinner up. But in the end, it was great. The Turkey was moist and everything tasted delicious. We all dished up, said our thankfuls and ate and ate. Then relaxed while I did the dishes and cleaned up. I really went all out …

Label Label Key Caps! Personalize and Label Your Keys!

I recently tried these Label Label Key Caps and loved them! You could even win a set for yourself. Read on to find out how!

I've been looking for something like this for a while but didn't know which ones to choose. I am always labeling everything I can. It makes life so much easier I think. And this is a great deal by the way. The 8 caps, plus the amount of labels you get for this price is awesome.

The caps are bright and sturdy and easy to apply to your key as you just slip it on. I suggest cutting the label to fit your key and applying first as directions say, then carefully sliding cap over it.
I even got extra labels to print my own now. And its pretty easy using the templates on my computer. I love these and have found a use for all of them and now I need more!

You can find these here on Amazon

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

New Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella found on AMAZON

I recently got to try this Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella and you can find it on AMAZON It's really well made and sturdy and has this really cool button that you push to make it open and close!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get A LOTS of rain usually so this is perfect for us! We go through a lot of umbrellas. This one even comes with a little case bag too! Which makes it nice to keep together and carry it. When folded up, it's small enough to carry in your purse or backpack or diaper bag or wherever. It's soft and the grip on the handle is comfy to hold. Also it is really easy to use and really big! It was big enough for me and my 3 kids to huddle up underneath it!

I really loved the button, but watch out. You push it and the umbrella pops out and unfolds quickly. It's just as easy to put away too!

Check it out HERE on Amazon. They also have lots of other colors to choose from too, besides black!

I did receive this product fo…

Auto Ice Scraper and Cloth Pack Review

I recently got to try this Auto Ice Scraper and Cloth Pack thanks to Tomoson and liked it a lot.
The ice scraper was very sturdy and cleaned the frost and ice off my windows and windshield nicely. I really liked the soft and comfortable gripped handle. It was easy to hold and didn't slip out of my hands.

The cloth was microfiber and was 2-sided. It was nice to have with the ice sraper. I liked the color and the design looked cool. It was thick and absorbent but didn't scratch up surfaces!
I like keeping both of these in my glove box. They fit nicely and are perfect to have around now, since the weather is getting colder.

You can check them out on Amazon at

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

The Holiday Season is Upon Us! Reader Participation Opportunity!

Next week is Thanksgiving and in 37 days is Christmas! The holidays are coming fast!How's your Christmas shopping going? By this time I am usually in a panic, trying to scrounge for money, work extra shifts and sell what I don't need to make money for Christmas gifts but this year, right now, I only have 1 or 2 small orders left to make on Amazon.
Then I'll buy stocking stuffers and pajamas in stores like Walmart or Target. This year I am totally on top of things. Of course, I've been ordering small orders since July. I have several birthdays in December and January as well as Christmas. My mom, stepmom, mother in law and one of my daughters, as well as my own birthday, is in December and my other daughter's birthday is in January. My son's is in May, thankfully. I got each of the kids about the same amount of presents, maybe a few more for the girls because of their birthdays. But I always try to make it seem fair and equal. But I also remind them that this i…

New Samsung Note 5 Kickstand Case Review

I recently got to try this new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Kickstand Phone Case for free thanks to Tomoson and it is really pretty cool looking and more durable and nice feeling than other phone cases you can buy.

It is visibly attractive and looks kind of cool they way it is designed. The case has 2 parts to it, and also comes with a screen cover, cleaning cloth, 2 cardboard cards to help with putting screen cover on and a cleaning wipe. That's a lot of extras, that most cases don't come with at all.

Ok, so the case itself...first you take apart the two sections then apply the base cover to the back of the phone, then you snap on the hard part with the kickstand. It is strong and durable and cushions your phone as well as protects it. It is easy to grip and hold and the kickstand holds up really well and is easy to pop out and put away. It actually snaps in good so it won't get caught on something or break easy.

I've only used my case for a day and already had quite a …

Pocket Disc! Handmade frisbee! Awesomeness!

I got to try this for free thanks to Tomoson!
The Pocket Disc is handmade of cotton and very packable, its the ultimate travel toy. It's soft and flexible and easy to throw. And it won't hurt if you get hit in the head haha.

According to the info I read on it, the unusual origins of the owner's daughter's school project evolving into a Fair Trade flying piece of art hand crocheted by Mayan villagers in Guatemala is a touching story.  More than six years later and over 1 million discs sold, they now help support over 500 artisans.  And because of the sales, they have installed water filtration systems in their villages and the work is enabling the children to stay in school longer, enhancing their education.  So not only is this a cool item, it helps people too!

They also come in different styles and colors and offer other items including 4 styles of Pocket Discs, kicksacks (aka hacky sacks), pet collars, headbands, and more.  Check them out at http://www.pocketdisc.…

Brainstream Beep Egg! It Sings When The Eggs Are Done!!!

I recently got to try out the Brainstream Beep Egg for free thanks to Tryazon and I have to say, this is one of my FAVORITE product testing projects ever! How cool is a singing egg?
So when you make hard boiled eggs, you always are guessing how long to boil them and sometimes you boil too long or not enough. This beep egg solves that issue. You put it in the pot with the eggs in cold water and turn on the stove and let it sit. When they are done, it will sing!
It Sings 3 songs, but "Oh, Susanna" is my favorite! It was so cool! And then, when you want it to stop, you just put it in cold water! Easy peasy! This is something you do Not want to put in the microwave, or try to take it apart. The orange color makes it stand out, so you don't get confused on which egg is the beep egg.
All in all, I loved it. We made breakfast and lots of hard boiled eggs at our brunch, then made a potato salad for later. It worked awesome. They came out Perfect! Go check out http://kitchenkab…

Ripleys Believe It or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities! Holy Wowza!

I just got my new Ripley's Believe It or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities!
Look at the awesome cover! Those eyes are holograms so they look like they move and follow you haha so freaking cool.

And there is sooo much cool stuff inside. Love the coloring. We are Huge Ripley's fans and often visit the museum in Newport, Oregon too.

I had this on my wishlist but I actually got to review this one for free and it is just as AWESOME as I'd hoped. I sat down with this by myself but pretty soon I was showing it to you husband and kids and then we spent the rest of the day reading this. We have so much fun because it's literally out of our minds just how much cool stuff is in here.

I have gotten one of these every year for the last couple years for myself as well as for my kids! It is so interesting looking at all the weird and crazy pictures and reading all the stories. How crazy is some of this stuff right?!?

This book does not lack in any way either. Plus, each story, though ex…

Try new Welch's Peach Mango Juice! So Yummy!

I was excited to try this juice because I have been drinking Welch's since I was little and now I give it to my own children. I expected it to be good tasting as well as healthier than other options because I know the brand cares about the juice it provides. The ingredients are easy to pronounce, meaning no scientific words you have no idea the meaning of or what it is exactly. It's just juice, plain and simple, but this juice is definitely not plain. It's so peachy and mango-y, and tastes like it was made fresh in your kitchen. It's sweet and tangy at the same time. It's a power packed burst of fruit in your mouth and we all loved it. I could have drank the whole bottle in one sitting, it was that good. But I shared mine with my kids. They loved it. Now we have to head back to the store for more and we are so going to get this peach mango one as well as try the others. I definitely recommend. Welch's has done it again. They've made a great juice with a…

Keep It Cool with Disney's Frozen Kleenex with Cool Touch

My family and I were sooo super duper excited to get these Disney Frozen Cool Touch Kleenex boxes recently from Crowdtap! First of all, I have always loved Kleenex and use it often. They always have such pretty designs that either fit your personality or lifestyle or decor. I love that they have kids designs and figured there would be a Frozen design soon with it being so popular and of course they finally made one. My daughters and I are huge fans of Disney's Frozen movie and watch it and sing the songs often. My daughters also have a lot of Frozen items and can now add Kleenex to the mix! I love the box designs! They are so bright and colorful and really bring out the movie well. Especially the Elsa box, which is my daughter's favorite one! The designs are fun and attractive and perfect for your house, kids rooms, classrooms, or to give as gifts. They are great all around. But the best part is the Kleenex inside. The Cool Touch tissues are soooo soft and non-abrasive to your…