Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer and FREE App!

I recently got to try this new Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer and FREE App download for free, as part of a product trial, thanks to Influenster. To be honest, my first thought was like really? Another thermometer? What could set this apart from the rest? But I was actually positively surprised by how much I liked this.

It is waaayyy different from the rest. First off the temp shows up on the app on your phone, not the thermometer. Secondly, the app let's you create profiles of the people in your family or the people you will use this on and keeps a history of temperatures. It also has other features like frequently asked questions, and other tabs.

The thermometer itself is very simple and sleek. It has a button on the top to turn it on and once you sync with your phone and set it up, which is really quick and easy, it's so easy to use and is great for keeping track of when you or your child got sick and what the Temps were at which times, etc. I really liked how the thermometer uses bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, making it easy to read on your phone track it.

Awesome Smart Temp Features:

You can create profiles to track and store each family member’s temperature
You can set up reminders to recall last reading time or medicine dosage
The symptom Tracker keeps a record of symptoms as they occur, which is great for Dr appointments
The Fever In Sight feature changes your phone screen from green to yellow to red, depending on the temperature readout so you know right away whether or not it's normal, slightly feverish or high temp!

I love that it provides accurate readings in 8 seconds

You can find this awesome smart temp thermometer and read more info here:

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own and my only compensation was this product.

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