Ukloo Treasure Hunt - Learn To Read and Seek Treasure!

Ukloo is the cutest, most fun treasure hunt game ever! I love it. My kids and I had so much fun playing it. They kept wanting to find More treasure! Then when we ran out of candy, they kept playing it and my older son was trying to help his little sister play by reading to her or pointing at the poster so she could guess. It was a total blast!

I love that it has 3 different levels and is made to help teach kids to read or read better. It makes it fun for the whole family.
It comes with "clues" for the 3 different levels, as well as cards to write your own clues and cards to write your own surprises or winners prizes on. 

You just pick the clues and the kids have to read them and guess the answer and then look for the next clue, until they find the TREASURE! The makers even have an info page where they list different types of prizes you can use, for example, candy, toys, etc!It comes with a poster of items on the cards to help kids identify item and words as well as info on possible prizes and how to use and play this game!

There is also an app for it too! Just search #ukloo on your app store to see if it's available.
My kids had so much fun searching for their Halloween candy, that they didn't even know they were LEARNING!
You have to check this out!

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

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