Go Off road with the new Truggy Remote Control Car

We love this Truggy Remote Control Car! This was so much fun, and works awesome. It looks really cool and is made pretty well. It doesn't seem as cheap as others we have gotten in the past.
I am saving it as a surprise for my 10 year old son, but my 4 year old daughter and I had a blast testing it out.

It has huge tires that have deep grooves for massive traction and it has a pretty cool looking design on the shell of the car. The tires even have the ability to move around like if you were making it go over a bump or a small "hill."

I really liked the remote design. It is comfy to hold and easy to use. The trigger function moves the car, while the "steering wheel" on the side controls the left and right direction. It even has a lever on the bottom of the car with a left and right switching mechanism too but I'm not sure what that is for.
It came with 2 AA batteriesfor the remote and 2 sets of 4 AAA batteries for the car, so you even have an extra set. It goes really fast and has a cool sound. This is going to be the best surprise ever! I love it and so will your child!

You can find your own Truggy car here on Amazon

I did receive this product for free but the opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product

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