Glitter fun cures the rainy day blues...


I love this Custom 12 Color Body Art and Glitter Tattoos Kit I had got free in the mail a while back and decided to use it again. My kids were so excited!
It came with 12 different containers of glitter and 2 brushes and 2 things of body glue!
All you do is choose and apply a stencil, and make sure it's smooth, and apply glue using an applicator that reminds me of a lip gloss applicator, then apply glitter!

My only problem was that I tried to take off the stencil and then apply the glitter, and it didn't look right. So I started leaving the stencil on and applying glitter before taking the stencil off and it turned out great!
After using the stencil, I put it back on the sheet and am able to use the same stencil several times.
I couldn't believe how many stencils came with it too. There was animals, words, Halloween themed, fairies, dragons, sports themed, flowers, butterflies, etc! Best part is though, is that the glitter tattoo lasts a long time!

Its also a great gift idea, and great for use at birthday parties, weddings, holiday parties, or just for fun at home, etc!
Buy it for a GOOD DEAL on Amazon today! Trust me. Every one Needs this kit!

I did receive this product for free through Tomoson as part of a product trial but the experience and opinions expressed are my own and my only compensation was this product.

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