Get Your Body Back in 12 Weeks with BabyBod Book

A while sgo, I received a copy of this book for free, in return for a review. The following is my review and 100% my own opinion.

First of all, this book is FILLED with completely useful information for all kinds of women through the different stages in their life before, during and after motherhood. I found a lot of the information helpful as I suffer from some of the issues due to my 3 pregnancies. I especially loved that it's designed so you read and participate in the areas that apply to your own personal situation. Most books are written that way. It makes it easier to personalize your reading and plan of action. I had 3 c-sections so the chapter in self care after a c-section definitely hit home and gave me a lot of information and tips. I especially liked the modified exercises and massages as well as the day by day care information.

They asked me if I thought I understood the intended message. I believe the intended message is that you can get your body back after children. Whether it's losing weight or just curing or preventing future problems, that you want, it's in here. And in great detail and broken up for easy finding and easy reading.

The table of contents is clear, and the book is full of relevant information and is broken up into relevant categories and chapters for each stage, each category and for each type of parent (pregnant, new, and experienced, as well as vaginal birth and c-section).

I would say that this book is something I have been looking for. I've seen none like it. By that I mean, it's formed to fit your personal situation and gives relevant info And exercises and Worksheets to help you continue and assess your progress. I felt fully engaged and read it all quickly. At least, the parts that applied to me. I feel like I could use this a lot and never grow tired of it. I am trying the exercises, have done some of the assessments,  and will be able to continue to use this in the future.

I have a lot of friends and family that could use this book. I have already told someone about it and showed her a few of the pages and exercises. I definitely am going to share about it on my social media accounts. Like I said before, this is perfect for any mom, no matter the stage she is at in life. It can help everyone.

I think this is one of the best books out there. I'm not just trying to inflate an ego or suck up. But with all the information as well as assessments and exercises in one and the fact that it's designed for you to choose the areas that apply to you, it's the best for me. I have seen no other book that is written this way. Sometimes their information that applies to me, gets lost in all the writing about stuff that applies to every woman. This book is easy to read, easy to use, and easy to realize it's effectiveness.

I am already planning on purchasing for friend so we can do this together. I definitely think this will not be a book that just sits tucked away. It has relevant information for all stages of motherhood, as well as assessments and exercises. It would definitely get used continuously. It may not be used everyday as I would hope, as sometimes I get lazy, but I'd definitely pick it back up again often to complete exercises and Worksheets and refer to information for myself or others.

The book had a lot of information And a lot of pictures and diagrams and pretty much covered anything that I could have questions on. So I really feel like it's length was pretty good. I couldn't imagine what else could be added and wouldn't want any of this to not be included.

I don't usually buy books that cost more than $20, unless they are special, important, or of high interest or want. But if someone told me about this book, showed me the chapters and the worksherts, told me about the personal and unique design and how it could benefit me, I would definitely fork out the money for this.
It's not that it's expensive,  but I have a tight budget usually.
This book is like 3 books in one, or 6. It's not just a book for the pregnant or new mom or experienced mom. It's for all 3. It's not just a book with information,  it has exercises, assessments  and plan and worksheets.
It's like a life course in a book. And definitely worth the money.

I would definitely look for and consider buying more books by the author, Marianne Ryan, as I know now that she writes great relevant books and has a lot of experience, personally and professionally, in this field. I would only buy if the book and information pertained to me or someone I knew, or struck me as interesting.

This is a well written, well researched and thorough analysis of pregnancy and post pregnancy health issues and solutions. It is an amazing book and with the added pictures and diagrams and worksheets, it is, like I said before, like a mother's life/health course. It is full of relevant and substantially helpful information. In fact, I just may start purchasing this book as part of a gift for my friends when they have baby showers.

It was laid out in an easy format. It had information, then questions and tips, as well as pictures and exercises. But the way it is laid out and written, makes it easy to follow, easy to see the personal benefit, and easy to use as a resource guide for continuing exercises. It's not overwhelming. It does have a lot of information but it's relevant and interesting and kind of fun to read and do the exercises.

A few highlights of the book:

*Tested on over 100 moms

*Designed for you to read the parts that fit you: Pregnant, New Mom, Experienced Mom

*"Mommy tummy", bladder leaks, relieve back pain and other aches, prevent aches and pains, and "hidden internal problems"

*Worksheets to record progress and self-assessments

*Preliminary and Advanced Strengthening Exercises

*(My Fave Tip in New Mom): "Steer clear of the scale!" - Lack of immediate weight loss due to hormones and excessive fluid build up

*Not all problems show up directly after pregnancy; It could take years to develop these problems

*Pelvic Organ Prolapse  (POP) - this book can help so you don't develop that later

*Basic anatomy; lots of pictures and diagrams; "muscles make up 40-45% of body weight"

*Assessing your stability exercise: straight leg raise and jumping test

*Core exercises and diagrams and differences between exhaling and inhaling

*It's bad to hold breath while exerting energy which could lead to fatigue, leakage, strain, and pain

*Diet and urinary leakage info

*Day by day healing guide and timeline

*Self care after a c-section; cabbage to relieve pain tip? Modified exercises and massages, etc

*Peeing while working out: Not Normal - Too strenuous of an activity

*Baby gear and how to handle baby and activities to prevent aches and pains

Overall, this book is not what I expected. I was expecting the book that runs on and on with information that I already knew and would find as boring and iseless. But this is definitely the opposite. It very useful and designed to fit each mom's needs. I loved that I learned many new things already and that it gave comparisons to things such as exhaling and inhaling.
It gave samples of situations and the pictures and diagrams were extremely clear and attractive and well drawn.
I loved the last chapters which contained information on useful baby gear and how to handle baby and activities to prevent aches and pain in everyday situations with baby. Most books don't include much of this information and if they do, it's not like this. There was pictures and examples.
My fave tip was in New Mom: "Steer clear of the scale!" in regard to lack of immediate weight loss due to hormones and excessive fluid build up. I knew to stay away of scale and have personally felt sadness that I hadn't lost the weight as fast as I did with my 1st pregnancy,  but now I know why.
Also, the language throughout the book is easy to understand and not just scientific mumbo jumbo that only people with PHD's would understand.
The price was the only thing that stopped me at first. Like I said, it's usually out of my price range, but I am pretty cheap. This isn't just some book, it's a great reference for women's health and like multiple books in one. I now think the pretty is actually pretty decent for something like this. I have already recommended to others and will continue to do so. And I will be looking for this book on the shelves, or on the Internet for future purchases. I love this book and am glad I got to participate in this study.

Again, I did receive a copy of this book for free from another trial site, but the opinions here are my own!

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