So Chic, So Fun, So Easy! Love these Silicone Bibs withe the Food Catching Pockets

OMG how cute are these bibs from Snug
They look like they have pearl necklaces for the strap! I got the girlie set and they came in pink, purple and a soft green color. They are so cute.
What I like about these is that they aren't too heavy, they are easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, and my baby loves them.

What's best about these is, not only are they easy to use and easy to clean, they are made from food grade silicone so they are safe to use around your baby without worry.
Like I said, they are soft and flexible but sturdy. And I love the design. The pocket easily catches food so it doesn't get all over their clothes or yours or the floor. It's easier to use than regular bibs and because you can wash them quickly, you don't have all the extra laundry to do. Score!
And it is so chic! With a pearl necklace looking strap, cute colors, either boy or girl choices, and safe to use any time, this is one heck of a deal!
I will Definitely be looking for more. I just wish they had more colors!
I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product.

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