Be the Stig! With Hot A$$ Tees!

Yeaya! And it's a nice quality shirt. Not too thin or cheap feeling. And the screen printing is good too. My husbands only complaint is that it's white but won't stay that way for long. I was like duh! The Stig is white!

But they do have other colors to choose from besides white.
And the seller has a huge selection of shirts. I looked through their other shirts and there is definitely over 15 pages worth of shirts by them.
Plus, we are Huge Top Gear fans and this would be great to wear for their upcoming season, whenever it gets here LOL!  This is perfect!
Now all we need is some popcorn, and some good ol Top Gear episodes on Netflix or Hulu! Can't wait for the new ones, but at least there some to watch for now...!
#iamthestig #shirt #gotitfree from Tomoson @tomosonreviews #producttesting #fun #topgearusa #topgear #thestig #tshirt

I did receive this shirt for free, but the opinions are my own and my only compensation was this shirt!

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