All Natural Refrigerator Deodorizer

So, when was the last time you really deep cleaned your fridge? Does your fridge have a damp, stale smell emitting from it whenever you open the door?
Well, I know of a great solution.

I recently got to try this new All Natural and Powerful Refrigerator Deodorizer from Tomoson and I really like it for many reasons ,including the design, the scent, and just how well it works.
When I first saw it, I noticed that the actual freshener comes on a plastic cage like case. It's open and airy but the freshener is protected. I love the fresh scent. It's like herbal and plant like smelling and is all natural so won't harm you or your family or the contents of your fridge.

I have used baking soda in the past but I think this is easier as it is less likely to make a mess with this. I have spilled and knocked over baking soda before and it's not always easy to clean up. This deodorizer, is one you can stick in the door of your fridge or set it in the back on a shelf. It keeps your fridge smelling great by absorbing odors.

Now, I don't clean my fridge as often as I'd like too, as I am busy with work and kids and household tasks. I do try to keep my fridge free of nasty foods but sometimes you just can't help the smells that take place. This totally helps with that. My fridge smells wonderful when ever I open it.

I also like that, even though it smells fresh, it's not too overpowering. It also lasts a long time too.
I did receive this product free but the experiences and opinions here are my own personal opinion and my only compensation was this product.
But you can get yours here. It's actually very nice to have around and my kids can't get into it either, so it's safe to use around them as well.

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