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Be the Stig! With Hot A$$ Tees!

Yeaya! And it's a nice quality shirt. Not too thin or cheap feeling. And the screen printing is good too. My husbands only complaint is that it's white but won't stay that way for long. I was like duh! The Stig is white!
But they do have other colors to choose from besides white.
And the seller has a huge selection of shirts. I looked through their other shirts and there is definitely over 15 pages worth of shirts by them. Plus, we are Huge Top Gear fans and this would be great to wear for their upcoming season, whenever it gets here LOL!  This is perfect!
Now all we need is some popcorn, and some good ol Top Gear episodes on Netflix or Hulu! Can't wait for the new ones, but at least there some to watch for now...! #iamthestig #shirt #gotitfree from Tomoson @tomosonreviews #producttesting #fun #topgearusa #topgear #thestig #tshirt
You can find more shirts this Awesome, from HotAssTees on Amazon…

Shake, Stir, Solve and Have a Blast with FlipStir Puzzles

Here is another fun and challenging puzzle for you to totally check out. It's perfect for family fun nights, long trips, bbq's, parties, great gift idea and for any other time you can think of!

It's called FlipStir. And they have lots to choose from. I got the Rainbow Pencils which is a level 1 degree of difficulty. They also have planets, dinosaurs, the periodic table of elements, ETC. All with different varying degrees of difficulties.

It's unique design makes it easy to take along with you, And the Best Part is that the pieces NEVER GET LOST because it's all contained.

My husband was excited when we got it, but at first was like how the...but he actually finished pretty quickly. It took me a lot longer. My nephew got it pretty fast and my son did too. We were even doing time tests.

I cannot wait to get more of these! Its fun! I got to try this free through a product trial with Tomoson, but all these opinions are my own. You can find this puzzle and other one…

Enjoy the Outdoors without Mosquito Worry!

No More Mosquitos!
I recently got to try this as part of a product trial thanks to and I really liked it because it's natural and smells like a lemon drop candy and it seems to work great! What I love about it is that it is safe for the whole family to use. No harsh chemicals or chemical smells that makes you want to gag! And it doesn't irritate your skin!
Just apply it every 2 to 3 hours when outside and keep the bugs away! And it goes on clear and isn't sticky or greasy either.
It's ingredients uses an essential oil blend that includes Lemon Eucalyptus, which is the ONLY plant based ingredient recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also, what's really cool is that EVERY purchase you make provides 1 month of clean water for someone in need. How's that for a reason to buy more?!? And with Over 400 sprays per bottle, you can't go wrong!
So buy some and get outside!…

Keep Clean and Fresh and Go Commando with Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths

I love the Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths.
They are soft and moist and easy to use. They come out of the package easily and are strong. I got 3 packs and gave 2 to my friends to try. We all agree that they are wonderful. I like having them to take with me on the go. They are easy to conceal in your purse or bag and great to use on kids. They are wet like wipes but non irritating and clean up messes just like toilet paper, but are made to keep you feeling fresh. And they are flushable, so they won't clog your toilet or drain! I did get this product free from Crowdtap as part of a product trial but the opinions are my own.

Simplify-It Back To School Party

This weekend I got to host a product testing party where we tried out Flip-it caps and Collapse-it containers!The Flip-it caps are BPA free, and are designed to use on common screw top bottles, so you can flip it over and use every last drop! They come on 4 sizes, that are easy to differentiate between because of the 3 colored inserts, along with the base cap. You can use them on lotions, shampoos, soaps, ketchup, salad dressing, chocolate syrups, etc.
They are easy to assemble and use and easy to clean. Just make sure you put the gasket in to make them seal.I love these caps. I used them on my ketchup and baby soap bottles. They are so awesome because we are always trying to use every last bit but it is hard for some things to stand upside down. But now they can. I also got 3 Collapse-it containers to try. I love these because they are easy to collapse and put away nicely without taking up extra room, but they are sturdy enough to hold food.
What's really cool about them, is th…

A new, safer, greener way to wash your dishes thanks to Seventh Generation

I recently got a full size bottle of Seventh Generation's new Energy Smart auto dish detergent to try for FREE as part of #GenerationGood!Upon first receiving product, I noticed the simple design of the packaging. It wasn't too bold, or flamboyant, but simple and pure looking. It's also a plant based product and a healthy choice for your family. I wasn't sure how it would hold up against my dishes, especially without the harsher but stronger cleaning chemicals. But, after using the first time, I saw that it worked awesome. I had been using a stored brand detergent, and it had been leaving spots on my dishes and not rinsing off well, leaving soap behind. Seventh Generation's did not leave anything behind. No spots, no extra soapiness on my dishes, nothing! I love it.
After the second use, I still saw no issues. My dishes were clean, and not filmy, or sticky, and therre was no spots. It works great and I know it's a smart choice because it is safer for my family…

My New Favorite Baby Sling from Mamaway

I ♡ my new Baby Ring Sling Carrier! It worked awesome tonight when I was at Costco! AND I even got complimented on it! One of the workers asked where I got it and I told her how I got it FREE! At first I was so nervous to use it and had to look up online as well as the back of the package to make sure I was using it right. I usually have problems using these types of things because I am short and tiny and a lot of wraps and carriers are hard for me to use because I am so tiny and they take up my whole body almost it seems.

BUT this one worked great. I was able to tighten it and adjust it to fit me and my baby. I LOVE it! And it's soooo cute! She loved being able to look around too. And I was able to breastfeed and cover her with it, while walking around and shopping. Yay! It is well made, soft and bright and pretty and you can find it on Amazon. They have lots of different designs for boy and girls or unisex designs.

I did receive this product f…

Style Like a Pro with ISA Professional

My first thought about this was that I like the color scheme and the sleek thin design. It's easy to hold and small enough to take anywhere in a bag or purse if you are staying somewhere. It's light weight and sturdy. I really like the idea of the 1 Hour Auto shut off Safety Feature, in case I forget to shut it off. I also like the 360 degree full swivel no tangle cord, which makes it easy when you are moving around in your bathroom.
I hear that unlike metal or ceramic-coated plates, the tourmaline ceramic plates transfers heat faster and more evenly. I do like the neon colored LCD display so you can see it even in low light and it can be set any temperature between 175 to 450 F by pusing the arrow buttons. And the company guarantees this hair straightner for 2 full years.
Personally, I like wider straighteners. I have long hair and I feel like I have to work less using a wider one. Also, I did not like how I kept hitting buttons while holding it. Also it felt like it kept pu…

So Chic, So Fun, So Easy! Love these Silicone Bibs withe the Food Catching Pockets

OMG how cute are these bibs from Snug?  They look like they have pearl necklaces for the strap! I got the girlie set and they came in pink, purple and a soft green color. They are so cute. What I like about these is that they aren't too heavy, they are easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, and my baby loves them.

What's best about these is, not only are they easy to use and easy to clean, they are made from food grade silicone so they are safe to use around your baby without worry. Like I said, they are soft and flexible but sturdy. And I love the design. The pocket easily catches food so it doesn't get all over their clothes or yours or the floor. It's easier to use than regular bibs and because you can wash them quickly, you don't have all the extra laundry to do. Score! And it is so chic! With a pearl necklace looking strap, cute colors, either boy or girl choices, and safe to use any time, this is one heck of a deal!
I will Definitely be looking for m…

Start a Fight with this Huge Water Gun!

Ok so when I read description before ordering, I guess I never really thought about how big it would be, but it is 31 inches and pretty well made. It came in a box and all I had to do was put the tube on as well as the water tank. The tub where the water is suctioned up was not easy to put on as it goes on really tight, but I got it.

It was fun to fill up with water and surprise the kids with when they got home! Boy did they get a surprise! The water shot pretty far, but it wasn't as powerful as I thought at first, then I fixed tube. It has a sliding pump action so you can pump it up and shoot. The only major problem was that I had only one of these and my 2 kids, husband and myself were all fighting over it :) I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product.

#gotitfree from @tomosonreviews #summer #funforkids #watergun #waterfun…

Make your own popsicles!

I love these Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Molds!
They came in 4 different colors as shown on Amazon. I got green, red, blue and purple. They were easy to fill and fit perfectly between the bars on my freezer shelf. They each have a lid that is easy to take off and put on.

They are made from silicone, so they are allergy free and safe to use around kids. They are soft and bendable but sturdy and easy to clean. The kids had fun making their own flavored popsicles and even more fun eating them. We are definitely buying more of these. These are perfect for summer, parties, barbecues, or anytime you want a popsicle. They are so easy to use and great for kids to use.

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product.

Wrap it up and Relax! Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel

I definitely love this towel. I was surprised by how soft it was. It's the perfect size for my long hair. I can wrap it up easy.
I have long but thin hair and it falls out easily. I've noticed less breakage using this towel as it is tons more softer and is made to not damage your hair as you dry it. I have stopped blow drying my hair and haven't but maybe once or twice in last year. I towel then air dry. My hair is so much more healthier. This towel is perfect for me. It's so soft and is double sided and absorbs the water so you don't have to be so rough on your hair trying to dry it off with a towel. 
I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product. 
You can find it here:
#LuxeBeautyEssentialsMicrofiberHairTowel #gotitfree from #Tomoson #sponsored @tomosonreviews #TomosonSelfie #free #perksforreviews #blogperks #gotitinthemail #freefreefree #freebi…

Try Framesi! Color primer, frizz reducer, detangler, ETC! & ENTER TO WIN !!!

I love this Framesi Color Lover Primer 11 spray! It really is a very effective multipurpose spray! I sprayed it in my hair and it didn't smell bad and wasn't too thick and heavy and didn't weigh down my hair or make it feel greasy! It Detangler my hair as well as decreased the frizz.

It's also got a whole bunch of nutrients and proteins in it that's good for your hair and helps make your color last longer as well as repair damage to her your from pollutants, coloring, styling, etc. I loved it and definitely recommend. I use this every time I wash my hair as well as any other time I may need it.

I did receive this product for free through Tomoson but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own and my only compensation was this product.

You can find it on Amazon or on their website and I Highly Recommend It!…

Snug, Plug, and Play!

I love these Snug, Plug, and Play Headphones! They are pretty sturdy, bright, and work awesome. The sound is great.

They are also comfy for my son to wear. He listens to music a lot as well as plays games and videos on his DS, and this way he can do that as much as he wants and we don't have to tell him to turn it down all the time. He loves them so much, he hasn't taken them off much since we got them. They have soft cushioning around the ear part so it doesn't hurt his ears or his head. And he can adjust them for size.

They do have a shorter cord, but I like that best. It's less likely to get caught or tangled up. We chose the color green, but there are other colors to choose from and they are all bright. We can even use these in the car to watch movies.

They even fit my head comfortably. I Definitely recommend. I did receive this product for free through Tomoson but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own unbiased opinion and my only compe…

Don't "Let It Go!" This is a MUST HAVE for every girl! #DisneyFrozenGirlsBackpackwithLunchboxSet

You have to check out this Disney Frozen Girl's Backpack and Lunchbox Set on Amazon!

OMG it's so cute and perfect for every Frozen fan girl! My 4 year old is addicted to Frozen and is going to preschool this year! I got to surprise her with this! She was beyond ecstatic. It's standard size so it can hold a lot of stuff, and the lunch bag is pretty big to and in a heart shaped. They are both sparkly and bright and very well made with netting on the side of the backpack which is perfect for holding a water bottle or something.

We loved it! I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions are my own and my only compensation was this product.

Add this Vitamin C Toner to Your Daily Skincare Regimen Today

I recently got to try the ElriqueNaturals Organic Vitamin C Toner and it's great because it's natural and organic and enriched with vitamins and nutrients that are great for your skin.
I loved this toner. It went on smooth and smelled nice. It didn't irritate my skin or dry me out. I use it daily, or at least 4 times a week after I cleanse my face. The benefits are great too. I have noticed that my skin feels softer and my lines are less defined. It's all natural and enriched with vitamin C. I definitely recommend it.
I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own and my only compensation was this product.
It can be found here on Amazon

No More Dry, Itchy Scalp When You Use Regenepure Luxury Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo

I recently got to try this Regenepure Luxury Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo for free and I wasn't sure about this product at first, as I was not sure it would really make a difference in my son's and my scalp and hair, but I changed my mind quickly.

My hair feels so much better and my scalp doesn't feel as dry or itchy. My son, has dry, itchy scalp and is sensitive to most shampoos and is always itching his head, so I had him try it as well. His first thought was that it smelled good and felt good when using it. I have noticed a dramatic change in him. He's definitely scratching less and doesn't complain anymore. I definitely see a vast improvement for myself too.

It's got great ingredients and is good for your hair. It smells fresh and minty but is not too strong. It feels like I'm putting spa treatments in my hair. I have used it a few times now and it is wonderful. I love it. This is a product you can find on Amazon, as well as other products of thei…

All Natural Refrigerator Deodorizer

So, when was the last time you really deep cleaned your fridge? Does your fridge have a damp, stale smell emitting from it whenever you open the door?
Well, I know of a great solution.

I recently got to try this new All Natural and Powerful Refrigerator Deodorizer from Tomoson and I really like it for many reasons ,including the design, the scent, and just how well it works. When I first saw it, I noticed that the actual freshener comes on a plastic cage like case. It's open and airy but the freshener is protected. I love the fresh scent. It's like herbal and plant like smelling and is all natural so won't harm you or your family or the contents of your fridge.

I have used baking soda in the past but I think this is easier as it is less likely to make a mess with this. I have spilled and knocked over baking soda before and it's not always easy to clean up. This deodorizer, is one you can stick in the door of your fridge or set it in the back on a shelf. It keeps yo…