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APPLY for a FREE Healthy Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation and Generation Good Community!

Apply for a FREE Healthy Baby Home Party in the Generation Good community from @seventhgen!  #generationgood
This is an awesome opportunity to host a party and try out free samples of products that are non-toxic, healthy, organic, and good for you and your family as well as the environment.Seventh Generation offers a variety of products including diapers and wipes, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, and more. Each product is made naturally, to provide the most efficient and effective cleaning, while also being gentle on you and your family and reducing the toxins put out into the environment.I have recently been approved to try the Seventh Generation's Free and Clear Baby Wipes and Energy Smart Dishwasher Detergent!I am so excited. I love their products and I love that I have a healthy safe choice for products I use around my family and for my baby.I'm so glad I get to try these, let alone try them for FREE, and you probably can too, if you sign up!…


I don't think I have had so much fun in a while! I do have to sweep my floor but it's worth it! Today I got this Custom 12 Color Body Art and Glitter Tattoos Kit in the mail and decided to go all out with the kids and try it out. My kids, especially my 4 year old daughter were so excited!

First off, I have never been good at this kind of stuff, but I figured with the stencils, I should be ok. When I got the package, I was excited! It came with 12 different containers of glitter and 2 brushes and 2 things of body glue and a whole bunch of stencils! I was worried for nothing. It was so easy. All you do is choose and apply a stencil, and make sure it's smooth, and apply glue using an applicator that reminds me of a lip gloss applicator, then apply glitter!

My only problem was that I tried to take off the stencil and then apply the glitter, and it didn't look right. So I did more leaving the stencil on and applying glitter before taking the stencil off and it turned out …

Immature Games to Play with Your Kids - Found On Pinterest

I saw this on pinterest and had to share. I haven't tried these yet, but when I do, I will update this post! In the meantime, I seriously think you all should check these out!Parents were made to be kids again when they had kids, and this gives us even more reason to do so. These are the moments our kids will remember most. So live it up, play it out, and enjoy every second! Such a great list of fun ways to connect with your kids -- they'll love it -

Get Cool, Soothing Relief from LA Lune Naturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

I recently got to try this LA Lune Naturals Organic Aloe Vera Gel for free through Tomoson as part of a product trial. I got this gel, as well as an ebook with recipes and other uses and tips. It was interesting and informative.

I loved this gel and have already used it a lot. It's organic and made from a real aloe vera plant and feels so good on your skin. It came with a hand pump as well as a lid that has a pop up spout so you can use whichever you prefer. It is so easy to set up and easy to pour out. It's got a thin consistency and spreads well. I don't need a lot.

I used it on myself as well as my husband and kids after a long day at the beach, and use it on myself for my eczema. It instantly feels cool and soothing on my skin.
I definitely recommend this brand, as I have used and loved several of their products and I definitely will be ordering more of this gel soon!

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own…

Track your blood pressure and heart beat with Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure & Heart Beat Monitor

I recently got to try this Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure & Heart Beat Monitor for free and I love it.
Why I love it? It's so easy to use. Literally put it on, and push the button. That's it.
The motor runs and it tightens and it even has an over pressure protection so it won't get too tight. It comes with a carrying case and a battery for you to put in it.  The cuff is velcro and can fit a small or big wrist comfortably.
It is also FDA approved and has a 2 year product replacement guarantee. The screen itself has a big display and is easy to read and lights up so you can use it in a low light area. And it even has a memory recall for up to 60 different uses, so you can keep track of your records.
One of the cool things about it is that it has a 5 level classification indicator and will alert you if your blood pressure or heart beat is high or low or irregular in some way. Which is good for people who are monitoring theirs for medical reasons.
I used this…

* Old Factory Candles for a Scent-alicious Aromatic Experience *

I loved these candles. I had chosen Hawaiian scents (Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi )and they smelled delicious and fresh And Just Like Hawaii! Bring out the leis and coconut rum drinks, my house has gone Hawaiian! LOL. 
Feel good about your purchase too as they are hand made in the U.S. from Natural Soy Wax and are lead free with a self trimming wick. The 3 candles came, each in a glass jar, inside a cool looking box that reminded me of a country style and look. 
They also have sooo many scent packages to choose from (SEE LINKS BELOW) and even have an ebook that tells you what scents are the best ones for different needs like relaxation, focus, sleep, energy, etc. I am definitely buying more and you should too!
What I love about them is that these candles burn clean and really fill your rooms with a sweet or fresh aroma that lasts longer than other candles I have tried! They are made to last about 25-30 hours of burning, and you can mix em and burn 2 or more candles at the same t…

Go HANDS FREE with a Sleek and Modern SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Definitely loving my new Automatic Touchless #SoapDispenser from SimpleOne! I got to try it free from @tomosonreviews It has a modern, sleek design and is easy to prep and use. It has a sensor that detects your hand or sponge and lights up and releases a good sized amount of soap. You can use almost any kind of liquid soaps and takes 4 AAA batteries, which are not included.
This is a perfect tool for your kitchen or bathroom and is a good way to keep cleaner and spread less germs. Does anyone else clean your soap dispensers, I mean really? We are always touching them when our hands are dirty. This helps decrease the dirtiness and the spread of nasty germs.
I love it.
Just pop off the top lid and fill to the top with your favorite liquid soap. I used Dawn dish soap. You can see on the outside of the canister, there is a little window where you can see the soap and see if it is getting low. Then turn it on by pushing the power button on the back at the bottom of the dispenser. It wi…