Ice, Ice Baby! New Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Summer time means warm weather and cool drinks. That means you will need ICE!
These new ice cube trays from Kuuk, are fun, modern, unique, and easy to use. They are so nice, you'll actually throw out your old ones.

I know when it comes to ice cube trays, the part I hated was that they were usually plastic and hard to get the ice out of once frozen. I remember slamming the trays on the counter, hitting them with my hand, and trying to bend and twist them so the ice will come out. It was hard work, and the ice didn't always come out whole, or half of it would break off and leave half stuck in the try.

THESE ARE DIFFERENT! No more banging, and hitting, and broken cubes or broken trays. These are the easiest trays ever. They were designed to make good sized cubes that come out easily.
They are made of food grade silicone and are flexible but sturdy. They are easy to fill and easy to remove ice. They come in bright blue and green which are perfect summer colors. Also, these are easy to clean.

I cleaned them before use, then filled with water. Once frozen, it was easy to remove the ice, piece by piece, by pushing on the back of the cube. It's designed for easy removal.

Also, for FUN, you can mix it up and make frozen cubes with almost anything.
*You can freeze coffee, so when you have a hot coffee you want to cool down, you can pop a frozen coffee cube in it to cool it down without watering it down.
*You can freeze spaghetti sauce, and use each cube as a serving, for easy measuring when cooking spaghetti.
*You can freeze juices, creamers, jellos, etc for easy and quick access.
The ideas are endless!

I loved these and have had so much fun. They really are easy to remove the cubes and so far, we have made ice, mini popsicles, and even froze 2 different sauces for later use and quick measurements for each serving.

Get your twin pack of these COOL ice cube trays here:

I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own unbiased opinion and my only compensation was this product.
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