Clean Your Ceilings and Ceiling Fans with this Amazing Duster Made For Cleaning Fans!

I recently got to try this Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster for free and I have to say, this duster is going to make my life a whole lot easier!

This is so much easier than climbing on a table with a wet rag to clean off my ceiling fan! Now I can attach the extended pole and clean it from where I stand!

When I first opened the box, each part was in a separate bag, but it was so easy to put together. I had it ready to go in less than a minute. And I can even take apart and put it away in my cupboard for easy storage.
It extends up to 47 inches and has a hole in the center so you can slide it on each fan blade to really clean it off! And afterer you are done, or when it needs to be cleaned, you can clean the mop head easily with a little detergent and drip dry it.

When I used it, I used it to clean my ceiling an in my kitchen and the ceiling and wall around it. The dust had accumulated because of the heat and it was bugging me.
Before using this duster, I had to stand on my kitchen table to clean the area, and that's not really safe for me or the table. This time, I stood on my kitchen floor and easily cleaned everything. Then I shook off the dust in the garbage. This is awesome and so perfect for short people like me! I love it!

I did receive this product for free through as part of a product trial but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own unbiased opinion and my only compensation was this product.
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