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Try Emergen-Zzzz! $1 off Coupon, Free Sample and Review!

Try Emergen-Zzzz and fall asleep more naturally.
This powder mix helps promote better sleep, better immune system and contqins fortifying vitamins to help nourish and replenish your body.
Includes Melatonin, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese and Vitamins C and D.
No heavy medicine taste; helped relax me more so I could sleep a full night's sleep.
Last night, I tried the berry flavor. I'm not a typical user of medicine based drinks as I usually cannot stand the flavor. They all taste like medicine to me. This one definitely smelled and tasted like fresh berries, and it was great cold but didn't taste as great as the coolness wore off.
I like the idea of it being a somewhat healthy option for a sleep aid. I didn't really get too terribly tired after drinking this but I did feel more relaxed and I didn't wake up in the middle of the night, nor did I wake up groggy in the morning.
I shared with friendsand we all agree that this is something that we woul…

Like Heaven In My Bed...Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow is Blissfully Relaxing and Comfortable

Ok, so I have tried lots of pillows in my lifetime so far. I am very picky. Not too hard or firm but not too squishy and soft. Has to support my head and neck, but not be so stiff I can't form it to my shape or to address my needs. I have tried one other "memory foam" pillow and it was definitely not!
BUT, the Smarter Rest MemoryFoam Pillow is so darn comfortable. I loved it and had such a good sleep the first night. It was different than my other current pillow and took a few to get used to. But when I woke up the next morning, I'll tell ya, I don't remember waking up at all during the night like I used too. This pillow is wonderful.

It has a unique design that involves a granulated surface technology to stimulate air flow and minimize sweating during the night as well as reduce humidity, absorb heat, and help with ventilation and promotes good circulation and increase muscle relaxation and all in all, a better night's sleep.
It's great for back and …

Clean Your Ceilings and Ceiling Fans with this Amazing Duster Made For Cleaning Fans!

I recently got to try this Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster for free and I have to say, this duster is going to make my life a whole lot easier!

This is so much easier than climbing on a table with a wet rag to clean off my ceiling fan! Now I can attach the extended pole and clean it from where I stand!

When I first opened the box, each part was in a separate bag, but it was so easy to put together. I had it ready to go in less than a minute. And I can even take apart and put it away in my cupboard for easy storage. It extends up to 47 inches and has a hole in the center so you can slide it on each fan blade to really clean it off! And afterer you are done, or when it needs to be cleaned, you can clean the mop head easily with a little detergent and drip dry it.

When I used it, I used it to clean my ceiling an in my kitchen and the ceiling and wall around it. The dust had accumulated because of the heat and it was bugging me.
Before using this duster, I had to stand on my kitchen table to …

Never forget the time or the day with this Super Huge LED Clock and Calendar

I recently got to try this Superior Essentials Memory Loss Digital Clock and Calendar for free. And it is awesome!
It has an 8 inch LED screen and an auto dimmer for night time. It's bright and easy to set up with the buttons on the back.
It is easy to read and perfect for someone who has memory loss issues, vision impairment, or just anyone who likes to have a clock they can read easily.
I have mine in my living room and I also use it as a night light. It's got a fold out kickstand in the back so you can set it up on its own, or you can hang it on the wall.
It can be set up for use in 8 different languages and you can choose how it is displayed. The only thing is, you have to change it yourself when daylight savings time comes around but that's easy. I love this clock. And my kids are learning the time and day more easily with it. I even think it would be great for in the classroom too!
Get yours here:
I did receive this pr…

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

I have not flown a kite in years, but have often watched others do it. My mom has taken my kids out to fly kites many times as well. I was so excited to try this kite, and was so excited to see my kids faces when I got it. All I could think of was the 'ol tune, "Let's All Go Fly a Kite!"
I loved this Wind Leverager kite I got as a product trial. It's really well made, with nylon and resin. It's very bright and colorful and has a tail and wind sock attached to it. It was even easy to put together. We had it up in the air in minutes!

I think we flew this kite the first time, taking turns, for well over an hour of straight flying time. We were trying flips and tricks and running around with it, letting it go higher and lower. It was a blast. We were showing it off to passersby, and taking lots of pictures. We all had so much fun. I even felt like a kid again.

You can order yours here and Let's All Go Fly a Kite!…

You Have To Try This More Reliable, Hygienic 3 in 1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Babies

I LOVE this new 3 in 1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Babies from Easy@Home. It's so easy-to-use and reliable. You may want to check the calibration before use. It has an option to recalibrate. This thermometer is non-contact, so it's more hygienic and you don't have to clean it after each use or worry about spreading germs.
You can use it to measure the temperature of your baby as well as water or milk temperature and room temperatures. Which is totally awesome because no other thermometer I have seen or used can do all of that in one!
This product is FDA approved and works great. It even has a memory system in which it memorizes the last 32 temps. This would be great if you are recording temps or tracking them for medical purposes and to notify doctors of temp progress. It also has an alarm that sounds if it is a high temperature.
You can use it during the day or night and it has a bright LED lit up display so you can see the results easily. I used this on my 5…

Enjoy a BUG FREE Summer! Try These Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

I think most people could agree, that the one thing that keeps them from Completely enjoying being outside all the time, is Mosquitoes!
Well, now hopefully, you can TAKE BACK YOUR SUMMER!

These Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are pretty cool actually. They definitely have a scent, not too overpowering but definitely noticeable. It's also, not necessarily a bad smell, just herbal. They are designed with several holes, so you can fit it as you need too and can last up to 150 hours. I got a pack of 5, which is perfect since I have 5 people in my family.  I put these on my kids, husband and I when we were outside at 2 separate family gatherings. I didn't notice the bugs actually retreating, but I did notice that I wasn't as bug bite ridden as expected. In fact I think I only had two or so on my lower legs. My husband and kids don't get bit as much as I do, so I couldn't tell on them. I think this is a pretty awesome product. Because we love spending time outside, but I…

Ice, Ice Baby! New Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Summer time means warm weather and cool drinks. That means you will need ICE!
These new ice cube trays from Kuuk, are fun, modern, unique, and easy to use. They are so nice, you'll actually throw out your old ones.

I know when it comes to ice cube trays, the part I hated was that they were usually plastic and hard to get the ice out of once frozen. I remember slamming the trays on the counter, hitting them with my hand, and trying to bend and twist them so the ice will come out. It was hard work, and the ice didn't always come out whole, or half of it would break off and leave half stuck in the try.

THESE ARE DIFFERENT! No more banging, and hitting, and broken cubes or broken trays. These are the easiest trays ever. They were designed to make good sized cubes that come out easily. They are made of food grade silicone and are flexible but sturdy. They are easy to fill and easy to remove ice. They come in bright blue and green which are perfect summer colors. Also, these ar…

Great gift idea for the one who Loves to cook!

I just got the Kuuk Silicone Oven Mitts to try and I really like them. I had first thought these would be stiff and hard to use but it's the exact opposite. These are really flexible and easy to use and clean. The good things about these are that it's got FDA approval, they are made from food grade silicone and completely safe, and they are easy to clean. Nd if that's not good enough,  they come with a 10 year guarantee from the company!

These oven mitts are thick, and have a good texture and grooved circle pattern that is cute but also helps to create a secure grip when using to grab dishes out of the oven.
I had no problems using these. The outside is silicone, but the inside is cloth, so your hands don't get all sweaty and slippery when wearing them, which I loved. Also, it comes with a free hot pad or trivet. Yay!

They are currently listed on Amazon at a really good deal. Like I said, these are perfect gift for any chef, big or amall, pro or amateur. Check them…

Stay cool with these multipurpose potholders!

I found my new favorite reason to bake more! So I can use these Awesome pot holders! They are made of silicone and have a honeycomb pattern and set but firm texture. They are extremely flexible and are multipurpose. You can use them as pot holders, or to open jars, or to put hot/cold food on them and protect your table or counter.

I loved how flexible these were. I bent, twisted, and rolled them and they didn't break or rip and went right back to original shape and placement. I also love how it has a hole so you can hang them on a hook or a nail, like in my kitchen, for easy access.

They worked really well as a potholder. When I used them, I didn't feel it getting hot, and it was easy to use and had no problems grabbing the dish. Also, after I got my dish out of the oven, I used one as a trivet and set my hot dish on it. When I was done with dish and felt the pad, it didn't feel hot at all.
That's because these are made to evenly distribute heat so as to protect yo…

Toy car #CARGOBAG is perfect for any Toy Car Lover!

This #CARGOBAG is one of the best things I have gotten to try out! And my son was so excited!
This bag, is also a toy car play mat with a fun and bright design on it. One side is pictures of cars and the other side is a city with roads and buildings and a parking lot.

This is well made and durable and easy to clean. My son has been taking it, and his cars, EVERYWHERE! I love it because now he can keep all of his cars in one spot, and in one bag. It's easy to pick up and take along. You just pull the drawstring and it turns into a carrying bag for your cars.

It's perfect for any kid, or any Toy Car lover! Its a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, or just because. And it's a perfect and easy toy to take along on trips, and doesn't take up too much space either. You can find this on Amazon and I suggest you do quickly because this is an amazingly fun product!

I did receive this product for free through as …

Rub a dub dub, Fun in the Tub with Harry the Hippo!

Harry the Hippo is the perfect accessory for your tub, especially when you have little kids!
This spout cover is designed to cover your faucet so you can keep your kids safe from getting hurt, by hitting their head or back on the spout while playing and serve as a fun way to run a bath too! It is so cute looking too. It's a green head of a hippo and when applied correctly, the water will pour out of the hippo's mouth and it looks funny and cute! My kids love it!

It is sturdy but it also somewhat soft. It is made to work on most faucets, but is said to no work on shower tub combos because of the lift thing to pull up for switching to a shower.
I have one of those combos, but I just made 2 cuts in the back of it then was able to use it on mine. It was easy to put on and easy to take off and is easy to clean! Bath time will never be boring again. My daughter even loved taking it off the spout after the water was filled and playing with it. It's perfect for any kid, big or …

We have a new pet, Emma the Elephant from baby First!

This Baby First Emma the Elephant is sooo cute and soft and sweet looking. I was so excited when I was approved to try it out! My daughter Loves Elephants and loves her "babies" and stuffed animals. I knew she would freak!

I hid it from my daughter, then surprised her with it after work. She was so happy and excited she cried, then I cried! At first sight, the ad made it look like it was going to be tiny, like a beanie baby. It was bigger than I expected and softer too! Its so cute and cuddly and easy to squeeze and hold on to. It doesn't look cheaply made either and it's squishy and easy for my daughter to carry around! We Loved it.

My daughter has taken Emma everywhere. To school, to the babysitter's, to the park, to the store. She loves it. I love it too. It definitely is Too Darn Cute! Those Eyes are so Big and Sweet Looking! My 4 year old LOVES her new Emma Peanut, the Elephant!

See what I'm talking about here and you'll fall in love too!