Let Groovy Peppers Help You with their Professional Gourmet Salt, Pepper and Spice Mill at Home!

Groovy Peppers salt and pepper spice mill will give you gourmet and quality in your kitchen! And it has a 100% LIFETIME Guarantee! You can adjust it for a variety of flavors and textures, and it is Super sleek and easy to use and hold. Easy to fill and refill.

I love how easy it is to grind up salt or pepper, which I love because it tastes better and more fresh in my food or my cooking. I like the simple design and it's something I leave out and use often. I filled with pepper and I couldn't be live how good it was. I had never had a grinder or used one before, except once at a restaurant when a waiter offered me fresh ground pepper. Now I have my own. I love it.

It's also great because sometimes when you are using a shaker, you can't really adjust how much comes out and sometimes it comes out too fast or too slow and you get too much or not enough. This makes it so easy and you just grind what you want!

Also, check it out on Amazon and you can use their discount coupon code GP2BUY18 when you buy 2 and save 18% on your purchase!
I did receive this product free as part of a product review but the above opinion is my own unbiased opinion. This product was my only compensation for my review.

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