Brainstorm ideas in the shower with the new #showerideaboard

I recently got a free #showerideaboard from Tomoson as part of a product trial.
And I gotta say, I love the idea of it!
Its a lightweight, clear board that's easy to write on and easy to clean off with the microfiber towel that comes with it.

It's great for reminders, ideas, little notes, etc. You can even draw on it like I did. It's another reason to take a long shower. "Hey, I'm thinking in here!" :0) I can't wait to use that excuse LOL.
What I didn't like as well, is that it kind of had a hard time sticking to the shower for long. My board came with 5 suction clips but they didn't hold the board for long, even though the board is light. Maybe I need to try it a different way of putting it up.

My son loved it because we would write jokes on it before he got in. It was funny when he'd read it cause he'd laugh so hard.
The pencil is great and wipes off easy and is easy to sharpen as you pull the string and it shaves off to sharpen. It's a long pencil so it will last a long time too.

The experience and opinions expressed in this post are my own unbiased opinion, even though I received this product for free through as part of a product testing for a written review. My only compensation was this product.
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