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Johnsonville Steals My Grill Again with New Grillers And I Love It!

Went to Safeway today and got us some Johnsonville Grillers!
The clerk who checked us out was totally jealous! ;-)
I chose the Cheddar Bacon because it just looked and sounded delicious! Oh, and it was! They were so easy to cook. Literally just pull them out of the box, remove the paper separating them and grill em! I stood there and watched them cook, and was overjoyed by the smell wafting up to me! Thank goodness it didn't take long to cook, I swear I could have drooled buckets. I felt like Homer when it comes to donuts! Haha!
I loved the smell, as much as the juicy, flavorful taste. It was like a hamburger but so much better. Each bite was full of cheese and a little bacon, and delicious, quality pork sausage. I was actually a little suprised at how much I liked them.
My in laws also loved them, and agreed about the juicy taste, and the box went fast. Really fast. Now I just can't wait to try the rest of them! I know what I'm getting on my next shopping trip!I’m a me…

Let Groovy Peppers Help You with their Professional Gourmet Salt, Pepper and Spice Mill at Home!

Groovy Peppers salt and pepper spice mill will give you gourmet and quality in your kitchen! And it has a 100% LIFETIME Guarantee! You can adjust it for a variety of flavors and textures, and it is Super sleek and easy to use and hold. Easy to fill and refill.

I love how easy it is to grind up salt or pepper, which I love because it tastes better and more fresh in my food or my cooking. I like the simple design and it's something I leave out and use often. I filled with pepper and I couldn't be live how good it was. I had never had a grinder or used one before, except once at a restaurant when a waiter offered me fresh ground pepper. Now I have my own. I love it.

It's also great because sometimes when you are using a shaker, you can't really adjust how much comes out and sometimes it comes out too fast or too slow and you get too much or not enough. This makes it so easy and you just grind what you want!

Also, check it out on Amazon and you can use their discount coup…

I Mustache You A Question...Do You Use Mustache Wax? Well You Should Use Beardsman Spirit!

Beardsman Spirit Premium Mustache Wax comes in a big 2 oz Metal Tin and is made with 100 % natural ingredients such s Jojoba oil and other essential oils. It has a nice spicy woodsy spicy cent and is great for making your mustache look great! 
I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I had gotten this for my husband. When I opened it, it was a soft and smooth and creamy yellow wax. No strong odors, and didn't feel sticky. It was easy for my husband to apply and worked great. It didn't leave his mustache feeling heavy or weighted down either. He ended up taking it to work and a couple of his friends tried it too. One of his coworkers has a really long beard and full mustache and he was excited to try it. We like to call him Santa. The consensus was that it definitely is a good, Quality wax and they are definitely considering purchase and I think everyone should too. It's a good product at a good price and would be perfect for any guy in your life!
You can get spicy emerg…

Curb your appetite and lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia

Shape Organics Garcinia Cambogia contains no gluten, no allergens, and no GMOS. It is clinically proven to promote faster weight loss than just exercising and dieting alone. When I took it, I did see the effects of it decreasing appetite and I didn't feel a crash or get jittery when using it. I had more energy and didn't have as many cravings, which is surprising to me Because I like to snack.I would take 1 pill about 45 minutes before I ate a meal, usually lunch and dinner. Then I noticed that I ate less than usual; smaller portions; and that I didn't end up snacking as much between meals.
I really do recommend to others, but not just as an only option. To lose weight you need to work at it. This is not a magic pill that will shed your pounds on its own. This really works if you follow it but also do other things like exercise and eat healthy. And I've lost 1.5 pounds in a week with this supplement combined with exercise and healthier eating.
My only issue is that I H…

Best Baby Monitor Out There! Hands down! Thanks to Easy@Home

Ok, so I have 3 kids and I have used at least 3 different by monitors in the time that the first 2 were young. I guess when I'm looking for a monitor, I want something that works, doesn't get all snowy sounding and provides clear sound, and doesn't allow others to hack into my signal, and that can work from across the house. I don't look for much, and have never had a video monitor before, but now that I have one now I am not going back to just a sound monitor. This thing is awesome!
This Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor from Easy@Home has a full color 3.5 inch LCD video screen, and Night Vision. You can listen to your baby And talk back through a two-way communication system. This is great for trying to soothe your baby by shushing them, or you can play soft music with its music function. It also is a self energy saver. It has this feature called VOX or Voice Activation so that it turns on when it hears sound and it saves it's charge on its rechargeable Green…

Give Yourself a Pedicure at Home with Auto Pedi !

"A Pedicure in the palm of your hand!"
And it really is.Are you suffering from dry, hard and calloused skin on your feet? Are you embarrassed by the condition of your feet? Wanting to get your feet ready for flips flops and sandles?Well check out this new Auto Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover from Auto Pedi!Its lightweight, sleek, and fully functional. It's rechargeable, so you can take it with you or use it where you want, like in front of the tv at night. It's also waterproof and be used wet or dry, even right out of the bath or shower.
It's unique in the fact that the roller spins 360° at 40 times per second! That's fast.
It works faster and is safer than most because it has no metal scrapers or blades that can cut the skin, and cause injury, or infection. I used this on my own feet a few times now and at first, I was scared because I have never used one of these before. I didn't know what it would feel like and thought it was going to hurt or tickle…

Enjoy The Sun and Wash Your Car With These Awesome Car Wash Mitts

I recently got 2 Alaska Bear Inc Car Wash Mitts to try out and I LOVE them! They are so soft and really soak up the suds and clean really well. They didn't scratch my car or leave streaks! We just washed our car, and our parents, and now my husband is taking them to work, a local auto service shop, and they auto repair going to use them there to wash customer's cars! We Loved these. And they came in orange and blue, made really well and were so much fun to use! These mitts are amazing! They are made so they would be scratch free, lint free, and swirl free.
They have elastic wrist bands that allow you to wear them comfortably without the worry of them falling off your hand. They have 2 cleaning features: Chenille and a Microfiber car washing towel and absorb more water than the average rag, towel or wash mitt.
And they are easy to clean and release dirt when rinsed. You can use wet for washing, dry for dusting and are safe to use on car exteriors and interiors such as the …

Go Gourmet with Gourmet du Village!

Thanks to Tryazon, I was honored to host an Awesome Dipping Party to taste test the works from Gourmet du Village!
My Party Pack included:A recipe book and printable host guide
2 - baking dishes with lids
2 - Crab dips
2 - Hot Parmesan and Artichoke dips
1 - Roasted Chipotle and Garlic dip
1 - Spinach Artichoke dip
1 - Hot Caramelised Onion dip
1 - Cheddar and Bacon dip
2 - bags of gourmet chips
Coupons for future purchases for my guests!One thing I loved was that on each dip mix box is a flap, where inside, they include recipes you can use that mix with. Like on the Roasted Chipotle and Garlic mix box, they included recipes for a Chipotle Chicken Casserole as well as the dip recipe. I also like the idea of the Mini Meatloaves Wrapped included bacon recipe from the Cheddar and Bacon Dip box. I am actually planning on making that for a Sunday dinner now, so I definitely have to order more of these.We tried the Cheddar and Bacon Dip and the Caramelised onion dip.
The gourmet chips tas…

This new Mega Roll by Cottonelle is MASSIVE!

I had recently been approved for a product testing of a 12 pack of Cottonelle's new Ultra Comfort Care Mega Roll toilet paper, for free, in return for my review. I wasn't sure what to expect in actual size. The description had said Mega Roll but I've seen rolls that are double and triple but differ in size depending on the number of ply sheets they are. I guess I wasn't expecting how big the would be. These rolls are HUGE! I will Definitely be changing the roll less often.
But even thought they are huge, they are still soft and super absorbent. This is their softest, most cushiony toilet paper and it really is. They did barely fit in my stand alone holder but they fit. The kids were like "oh my gosh, well never need toilet paper again!" We will definitely need more at some point, but the roll is lasting longer, obviously,  than the other double rolls we usually buy. I just love how soft and squishy they are. And they work great at cleaning your delicate area…

Yummy Recipe for Marshmallow Frosting

Check out this yummy Marshmallow Frosting recipe I found on Instagram courtesy of @kitchenethos is so delicious and creamy and easy to make! Perfect for cupcakes, cakes, etc! And don't forget to follow @kitchenethos on instagram and tell them @justmissash sent ya!  :)

Who Says You Can't Be Fashionable While Also Functional For Your Teething Baby?!?

Got a teething baby? Then you NEED one of these!  The best things about it are that it is FDA approved and is made of food grade silicone and contains no BPA, no PVC, and it's latex and rubber free, and has no vinyl or synthetic materials and now is taste and smell free!

It is 100% safe! And non allergenic. You can wear it like any other necklace and NO ONE will know it's for teething. I love the bright color which is perfect for spring and summer. And I've already gotten compliments on it.  You should have seen their faces when  I told them it was a teething necklace. 

This is perfect for your baby to chew on and play with, especially when they are teething. It provides natural pain relief for their aching gums and the yet and you can put it in the fridge or freezer for extra relief. 

It is easy the yet tho clean and can be put in a dishwasher or boiled for sterilization,  which I recommend you do when you first get it. It's a great value and more functional than other th…