Don't Worry Be Happy with Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves

I recently received a free pair of Happy Fingers Cut Resistant Gloves to try for free as part of a product trial and the opinion below is my own unbiased opinion.

I had no idea they made the and was not sure what I was getting. They look like any other gloves but they are definitely different. I liked the pretty color and they were pretty soft.
Warning: these are NOT cut proof but are designed to protect your hands when working with sharp objects like knives and scissors. They are perfect for use at work, school, in a home kitchen or for work as a chef in a commercial kitchen.

I liked them because I use knives a lot in my kitchen at home and love the idea of protection. They don't look like anything different than regular work gloves and fit ok but I have small hands so these are better suited for people with average sized hands.

These gloves have a level 5 resistance as found during testing which I guess m is the highest level. They are made of food grade vinyl and steel wires as well as spandex and others. I thought it was cool to know about the steel wires and spandex.

These gloves are actually pretty comfy to use, and you can use them on either hand, use both at same time, or just one. Whatever your need is, these gloves are great.

Check them out on Amazon today !

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