What a Blast! We heart #glowsticks

I received this product free through a product trial from Tomoson.com but the following is my own opinion based on my experience.
The glowsticks came in a cute round cardboard tube with an American flag design on it. It was easy to open, and inside were the 100 glowsticks in a variety of neon colors like orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, etc.

My kids and I got some out right away and got to light them up. Even in the day time, most of the colors glowed bright enough to see in the light. Then we made them into bracelets and they were having a blast.

My kids love these things and I am always buying some. They all work great so far and last hours long. There are more colors than i expected in this pack and the colors are so bright and pretty.
They are small enough to make bracelets, but not cheaply made so that you have to worry about them breaking and leaking out. Most of the time, my kids just wave them around as is, like light sabers.
We are planning on saving some for my son's birthday party as party favors, if they make it until then as we are having so much fun with them.

#glowsticks #ThankYou #gotitfree from #Tomoson 

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