Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite with #KillerGreen Bed Bug Spray

I recently received a bottle of #KillerGreen Bed Bug Spray from Tomoson via for review. The opinions below are 100% my own from my own personal use of this product the last couple of days.

Killer Green Bed Bug Spray is supposed to be an all natural bed bug killer made to be sprayed in your home directly onto your mattress and be safe for you and your kids to be around. It's not harsh and as harmful as other bug sprays like Raid.

It does say that it DOES NOT KILL ON immediate CONTACT, but that it kills the bugs in under 10 minutes. I haven't seen the bugs die, as they are too little but I have noticed less bugs in my house on our beds and couch.

The listed benefits, according to the information on are:
*It doesn't smell strong like harsh chemicals
*It DOESN'T SMELL (although I have smelled it a little but it's not a terrible, harsh smell)
*It's safe to use in houses with kids and pets
*It leaves a white powder when it dries that acts as a treatment and when a bug comes in contact with the powder, it will die

I will say that it did smell. Kind of a funky vinegar-ish type smell, but definitely not like chemicals like other bug sprays. A little sour, but not harsh or strong or too bad.
I sprayed vigorously, the couch and pillows, as well as our beds, and the carpet. It was wet only for a few but then dried quickly.

We don't have pets and didn't have fleas until they came in on one of us, probably from someone else's house. My daughter and I are very susceptible to bug bites. And I am sure we have bugs in her room, including fleas, bed bugs, spiders etc, due to winter weather. I really was excited about this product for her benefit. I was hoping to rid their room of bugs so she may get bit less.
I used this product so far, every day for 2 days. I haven't noticed as many fleas and haven't seen any new bites on my daughter's legs or arms or back, as that is where she usually gets them, so that is a plus. I think it is too early to tell for sure yet, but I definitely am going to keep using and hope to purchase more when done with this bottle.

I definitely suggest spraying every inch of house, where bugs could hide out in and letting it dry fully. Waiting at least 10 or so minutes as that is how long it takes bugs to die. Then vacuum later.
My only question is how safe is this to use and would it affect their health if they touched something that had been sprayed? Like do I have to clean our cousins after use and wipe down everything, like I have to with other brands like Raid?

So far I have not seen any adverse side affects from use in the kids. And it seems to be working. The bottle label design is simple yet informative. It lists the ingredients as well as directions and the common type of bugs that it kills including lice, bed bugs, fleas, etc. It would be nice to have something like this on hand when lice or flea outbreaks happen as those are our two most common bug issues. 

This is a product that I recommend to every house. It seems to work well, doesn't smell too much or too bad, hasn't caused any bad effects to my children or myself, and is safer than other brands.
So go sleep tight and Don't let the bed bugs bite. Kill them with #KillerGreen !!!


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