Sketch it up with a Coloré 26 piece Sketch and Drawing set

I got this product for free through as part of a product trial and the opinion below is my own unbiased opinion.

I was excited to get this because my son is always drawing and sketching. I have bought many sketch books and reams of paper over the years and he keeps getting better. This is his first real sketch and drawing kit and he is totally over the moon about it.

It comes with so much that I know it will last a long time. He's already broken into it and is using them to write and illustrate a new comic book. He has a definite passion for drawing and writing. So this kit is perfect for him, or for any sketch artist big or small; beginner or expert.
The kit includes 12 graphite pencils with different grades of hardness and 1 soft graphite pencils; 3 charcoal pencils; 3 each of graphite and charcoal sticks in soft, medium and hard grades; 1 sharpener for each graphite and charcoal; and 1 eraser for each as well.

These are definitely high quality items and like I said, the kit will last a long time with everything it comes with. They are made with more stronger and durable lead and write smoothly.
I am in the process of teaching my son shading techniques and he is picking up quick. He is learning what each of these tools can do and how they differ. But what would be really cool would be if the kit had come with a book of basic sketch and drawing techniques, even if it was an ebook.

This would be great as a gift for anyone, especially students, teachers, budding artists, or expert sketch artists. I definitely recommend  that you check this out.

You can find it on here:

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