#PumpLikeAPro with #Lansinoh

A while ago I had received a free breast pump as part of a product trial through Influenster and the following is my personal and unbiased review.

I totally LOVE my Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump !!!
It's so easy to use, and cute. And so easy to take with you. It has a small motor so it's somewhat quieter than other pumps and easy to pack up and take along where you need to and doesn't take up much space. It makes pumping a breeze.

It's got 3 different pumping styles as well as 8 levels of suction. It does reset itself every time it shuts off so you do have to set it where you want it when you turn it on, but it's not a hassle to me.
It's specially made so milk doesn't get backed up and made for comfortability and efficiency. It's different settings help pump milk out at different rates, some with more stronger suction than the other rates, but it definitely works to empty them more completely and easier than other pumps.
It comes with so much stuff too.

* 2 interchangeable bottles with Natural wave nipples in slow drip.
* LCD timer so you can keep track of your time
* An AC adapter or you can use it with batteries
*And a carrying tote!
* AND 2 Breast milk storage bags, Breast pads, and a Lanolin sample.

This is definitely one of the most easiest pumps I've seen and used compared to others in the past. Most of all, I like that I can personalize my pumping experience.
The above opinion is my own even though i received this for free from Influenster as part of a product trial!

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